Black + White + Transparent

Friday, June 21, 2013

Outfit for the Beauty Bar event last night--The theme was futuristic white / semi-formal. I wanted to wear sana my cape that I wore last PFW, but may feeling ako na everyone will go for a cape (hehe, hindi naman pala). So I went for this quirky opposite striped dress + clear accessories:

Black and white dress - Forever 21
Clear necklace - SM Accessories
Clear Bag - From event
Watch - TW Steel
Heels - SM Parisian x Rajo 

With the ultimate Beauty Bar fan (hehe) Sarah--who also took my outfitey! :) That day they also launched their new website where you can easily order na Beauty Bar brands at the convenience of your home.

Black + White + Transparent inspiration...Pages from Elle Girl Japan May 2013.

A major kwento that happened today. Barely a week ago, I got a message from my "bazaar friend" Beam of Artwine, about a teaching opportunity for an all-girls high school! I grabbed the opportunity right away, and had a meeting earlier as a new club moderator for their school's "fashion club". I also met my student presiden, who is super enthusiastic and sobrang daming ideas and suggestions for our weekly activities. Sobrang smart niya! Club sessions will start next month--every Thursday, for around 1 and a half hours only. I asked my Club Head on her expectations, and although I have big and fun plans naman for our org, she said something about wanting to change people's thinking on fashion as something shallow. :) That challenged me to make better lesson plan for this group--I really can't wait to inspire these teens on how fashion greatly changed me, because really, for me knowing what you want to wear from day to day greatly involves knowing yourself more.

Ended the day with biglaang dinner with Pax! :) I superduper missed this busy girl! :)


  1. Sobrang excited for your new career!!! Go teacher Ana!!! Haha love you big sis :) All the best for you ♥

  2. Thank you lil sis!!! :) Really hoping for the beast este best! :) Hehe! :) Mwah!

  3. Congrats! Time to share those knowledge para there's room for more!!!


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