Cheap Monday ATC Exhibit, Father's Day, Etc.

Monday, June 17, 2013

This is me earlier, right after another bikram yoga session. Haha. Fresh na fresh! (nat)

After a 3pm class, I just crossed the street to the Acacia Hotel and attended the new The Feast with Cea. I love the place! Then we headed to Alabang Town Center for mass and then dinner, and also so I can check out the Cheap Monday art exhibit of some of my blog friends. :)

The Bauhaus - Cheap Monday Vignette in the ATC's Corte de las Palmas. 
Andun sila since kahapon pa pala... And roronda na uli sa ibang malls the next weekends. Exciting!

Cute freedom wall:

May on-the-spot canvass bag designing ganap:

Now on to my friends' works! :) Inexcite ko lang kayo, daming commercial! Hehe.

Pax / Aisa Ipac: 

Catch Gaviola:

Sarah Tirona:

Paul Chuapoco:

Other works included in the exhibit! :) Cool nung kay Sasa Jimenez--trademark niya talaga the frills! Lovet.
Congrats to my friends Catch, Pax, Bff, and Sarah! :) Galing niyo, at napaka stage friend ko nanaman! ;) 
While taking pics of the bags, one of the Bauhaus team approached me and sabi ko casually, "Sa friend ko!" sabay turo sa wall (lol). Turns out she recognized me from the other Primer Events, and even called me "Anagon"! :) Hehehe! 

After my proud friend moment, FINALLY, nakapag CPK nadin after craving for their salad ng super tagal na! :p Best salad ever! Si Cea lang kasama ko that time, Father's Day na Father's Day the parentals were in a one-day Batangas beach trip (they just came from Bora last weekend--sila na talaga!), while si Ate may volleyball game (nuks).

Navisit narin namin ni Cea the new GIANT Fully Booked! GRABE! Heaven! :D

What I got (thanks Sarah for recommending the Sark book!)

Since Father's Day, ending this post with a daddy kwento. I remembered talking to him long time ago sa car nung kami lang dalawa, telling him about a friend's situation na nabother ako. Told him na yung dad ng friend ko nag sawa na ata in giving / sustaining his family to the point na parang nag susumbat na sha. Thus, the whole family and marriage sadly didn't worked out. Dad then told me something sooobrang distinct di ko parin malimutan hanggang ngayon, "Alam mo, never ko na feel yon noon."

I am not sure if it's age or what, but right now super naaappreciate ko EVERYTHING that my dad gave to us simula't sapul. Ngayon ko narerealize kung gaano ka mahal ang tuition, gaano kahirap na every sem may bayaran na naman--sabay bayad pa ng kuryente, pang baon, pang grocery, pang ayos ng koche, lahat na. Just for us, their kids. There really is no love comparable to the love of a father. 

Masaya na ako to have a man na as responsible, unconditional, loyal, loving, and (soooobrang) funny (hehehe) as my dad! :)
Happy Father's Day, daddykins!!! < 3 THANK YOU TALAGA!


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    1. Congrats Catch! ANG GANDA NG BAG MO SWEAR! :)

  2. Thanks babe! Mwah! Mall bonding ulit Tayo soon, kaka miss! Hahaha and kaiyak naman daddy post mo

  3. The Art of Racing in the Rain is soooo good <3

  4. e bat ganun baby buhok ni cea? hahahaha ang cute!! :D

  5. Huhuhu narealize ko rin tuloy lahat lahat ng sacrifices ni Daddy :( Eto tayo umeemote na naman!!! Haha but belated happy father's day kay tito ♥ And ganda ng designs ng Cheap Monday bags nila mama Sar!! Can't wait to see them dito :D miss you big sis!

  6. Ang ganda naman nung mga bags. Pinaka gusto ko yung kay Ms Aisa. Pwede ba yun bilhin? :D

    Nakaka-touch naman yung daddy story mo. Namiss ko tuloy dad ko.


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