For the Longest Time

Haven't done this random blog update for the longest time, so here you go! :)

Right after BU, the plan is to hibernate muna kahit 3 days man lang. Three days of darkness, char! ;p
Eh yung second rest day palang,
napalabas kaagad ako ng bahay--hahaha--dahil sa Yabu! Have you tried the new Yabu Miso Katsu?
Chef made me a vegetarian version again (below) - tofu goodness with their yummy sauce! :D
Sana open for re-order, hehehehe.

Lunch buddies, at the Mega Mall branch: Yabu's Erika and fellow blogger Angela! :)
Other than the new katsu sauce, I super LOVE yung new dressing they offer for their
unli-cabbage. Kung mahilig ko sa wasabi, mabebet-an mo din to coz it's Roasted Sesame parin
--but with the tangy taste of wasabi! :D YUM!

With Angela! Kwentuhans and catch-ups over great Japanese food,
before she left for a Japan vacay! (WIN!)
Benta lang yung photo bomber sa likod namin noh, dinamay pa yung baby sa kalokohan niya, hehehehe.

Meanwhile, saw this "blogger group photo" through Honey's FB. This was taken during the 
Instax event last week. Everyone left the event giddy with their new Instax Mini 8. FTW day noh!

Right after the event, which was held in GH, maaga pa mashado to go home so Sarah brought me
to this quaint restaurant in Promenade. Fell in love with the ambiance--and this giant chess set!
Nung kid ako, my Ate was super good and popu because of sports.
And dahil I can't keep up with her athletic-glory, triny ko mag excel in some other things
like art (naks)--and chess. Akala ko noon magiging pro chess player ako, hahahaha! ;D Seriously!

Btw, tawagan namin ni Sarah yan, Baby, hahaha. Sweet noh, kaya di ako magka jowa nyan e, hahaha!

The next day was the Team Manila fashion show of my blog friends Arnie and Paul!
I saw this in IG nalang...Hindi ko naabutan yung show but I am still extra-proud
of my friends' shining moments! Kayo na talaga! :) Wag nyo ko kalilimutan a! Lolol.

The show was held in the faraway SM Manila! Eto ang THE mall ko nung college--where we spent
countless free times watching Asian horror movies! Panahon to ng The Grudge, The Ring,
at lahat na ng THE Ganyan movies, hahaha. Nakakamiss din a! Yung lugar, hindi yung movies! ;D
(Afraid! Napeer pressure lang ata ako noon! Hahahaha!)

We had early dinner in good ol Kenny Rogers. One of them made me order this healthy-healthyhan platter
dahil mataba na daw ako, di lang niya madirecho (char).
Eto nadin ang day na I started having less (or no) white rice and other unhealthy carbs.
Sana mapanindigan ko! Kanina lang for lunch, muntikan nako mabaliw sa smell of freshly cooked rice. ;p

Took my very first Instax shot din that day - a little token for my little sis Arnie and Papa Joed! :)
Cute nila noh, and magkamukha na talaga sila!!!

Rainy days are here na nga, but I still slather SPF every time I go out. This is an interesting
product from iWhite Korea, just because all in one na sha - so no need for layering
multiple facial creams. It's a moisturizer, whitening, sun protection, AND makeup base na rin! Bongga!

Saw this picture in Ava's blog naman: the Parisian Chic bloggers during our day-tour in France. Char.
This was during the Bensimon event--a sneakers brand from Paris brought here in Pinas!
I love themed events - makikita mo the diff interpretations of fashion-loving people!

After the event, sobrang lakas ng ulan so we decided tumambay muna sa High Street (feeling stranded
sa campus! Hehe!). We had
drinks and salad (ok bang combi? hahaha) in Italiannis. I was seated next to this HILARIOUS guy
--Mikyle--na sobrang laugh trip lang the whole time!! Bentang benta ang jokes!

The next day, headed north naman to catch one of Man of Steel's first Manila screening! 
I was super excited kasi laking-Superman din ako in a way! 
Special thanks to Nuffnang and Nestle Crunch for the compli tickets, and for hosting my ticket giveaway!

Of course! I can't think of a better Superman movie company other than my boy bff
Paul, na super adik talaga sa superhero nato! He even won the pre-movie contest,
hahaha, yey moremore Crunch and other Nestle chocolates for us! :D

Saw our dear blogger friends Krissy, Kira, and Arnie after the movie! :)
Bitin ang catch up, but ang saya din to see these people!

Bensimon-ed the rainy day: Arnie's Maroon, Bff's Gray, and my Little Miss Sunshine Bennies! :)

Saw this sa IG, hahaha! No-Photo-Didn't-Happen Generation na nga,
kahit si Superman may time mag selfie, hehehe.

While surfing the net last night, learned that it's the birthday of the Olsen Twins!
Kung may kailangan akong mameet na artista sa US trip ko by end of year--sila lang yun!!!!!
Grabe talaga, forever-idol and fashion-icon Mary Kate is 27 nadin! Happy Birthday Idol! (close!)

Yesterday afternoon, while maraming nastranded sa dahil sa ulan, I decided to stay in and catch up
nalang on my How I Met. Finished all the eps na meron si Ate, realizing na kulang nalang namin
yung pinaka last episode mismo! Hahaha, nakakabitin! Anyway, one of my favorite scenes sa Season 8
na napa-awwwww talaga ako (with matching tears ng slight). :) 
Cute! Cute! Bukas na bukas din, since maulan nadin naman na, bibili na ako ng yellow payong
ko, you know, just in case hinahanap narin ako ng Ted Mosby ko. Hehehe. :p

"What else could I do, I'm so inspired by you 
That hasn't happened for the longest time"


  1. Natawa naman ako sa Superman Selfie :))

  2. I love yung mga entries mong ganito, beb! yung iba ibang days pero andun pa rin yung stories. :) SHort but sweet!:)

    Love ko yung instax na kyle pero now nakita ko, naalala ko how much siya bentang benta sayo! laugh trip! haha!:)) Uy and speaking of INstax! Super tagal ko na gusto bumili. Gusto ko dati nung 7s pero naisip ko wag muna. Buti na lang! After basahin entries niyo, I decided mini 8 na lang! :D

    Speaking of HIMYM, shocks.. super lost na ako diyan. :(( Need to catch up! Yung last ko is yung nag "time travel" kunwari si ted para sabihin siya wife niya na mag kakakilala sila. :) hayy.. love ko HIMYM!

    See you soon, beb! Miss you!

    1. Hahahaha thank you beb for reading! The best How I Met noh! :D Nasesep anxiety ako knowing patapos nadin ako with this series soon! :(

  3. Shettt hahaha namiss ko kayo ulit :( Anywayyy kakilig tong post mo. Joed and I were smiling the entire time reading this. Gulat kami sa exposure ng Instax photo namin ♥ Hahaha we love you big sis!!! Gustong gusto ko na you write notes/dedication/dates sa instax photos! Winner yan :)

    CUTE! CUTE! Hahahahaha

    See you soon and more more catch up ha :*

  4. Hahaha salamat sa inyo ni Papa Joed for reading!!! :D

  5. Ohmygod you HAVE to watch the last episode of Season 8 kasi pinakita na 'yun Mother! {Spoiler alert} Ako yun HAHAHA! Love you sis!

  6. Wow! A handful of events in one post.. way to go Ms. Ana..


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