My Pleasure!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Here's my "Parisian Chic" interpretation for the Bensimon themed event last week. Parang always in love, haha. Just thought of putting together my lady-like pieces para parang French lady lang going for a bike ride sa nearby park, tapos stop-over sa isang French bakery to get a few baguettes for dinner and maybe pick up some flowers before heading home. SOSY! Hahahaha. Umi-Eat, Pray, Love! ;D

Parang hand-painted floral Top - SM Ladies Fashion
Sunny Yellow Skirt - Forever 21
Blue Flats - Payless 
Sling Black Bag with Big Bow - SUY BAGS
Eiffel Tower Necklace - originally a keychain from Ate's Paris trip :)
Wire Bow Necklace - ANAGON
Photos by Paul Chuapoco and Mikyle Quizon, thank you! :)

I love reading or watching movies set sa Paris (like Before Sunset!!!). They have the best settings (parang kahit san ka tumayo, click na kagad ng camera at perfect na for outfit shots, lol), best CAFE (kape kape lang with good book or good kausap, masaya nako!), and parang everyone's so romantic and in touch with their emotions! Also, lahat na ata ng ginawa ng Diyos sa France feast for the senses. Sight, smell, taste, lahat will bring pleasure to you! (Tara Paris tayo bukas! Hehe)

(photo sources: 1, 2, 3)

Speaking of taking pleasures, one of my current reads today is Sark's Eat Mangoes Naked, a book recommended by free-spirited and my fellow modern hippie (naks) Sarah. :) The book is on "finding pleasure everywhere" even on the most difficult of situations. Great read sha para good vibes and hashtag-positivity lang tayo.

Anyway, sharing these lines from the book to end this post:

My godchild Zoe is 6 years old although I'm positive her soul is much older.
... We sat together in my cottage spilling snacks, and laughing at my cat Jupiter sneaking past. Zoe suddenly said, "Can you describe what romance is."

I talked about wooing, and yearning, and her parents' love for each other, and she sighed and leaned back.

"I think that love is my favorite thing in this whole world..."

Me too, Zoe, me too.


  1. The book seems inspiring. Even if I just read that part. :)

  2. really cute floral top and yellow chiffon skirt!

    check out my latest all-white outfit!:)

  3. Homaygad natunaw puso ko dun sa "Me too, Zoe, me too" shetzzz haha definitely reading this soon big sis!! I miss you ♥ Bet ko yang genuine smile sa OOTDs! wink wink ;)

    1. I miss you tooo! :) Ganda nun line na yun noh, hehe :)

  4. Loving the outfit, its so pretty and girly!


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