STILA Summer 2013 Collection

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

As blogged here, spent an afternoon playing around with the different (classic and new) makeup of STILA in their Shangrila Mall Rustans counter last Friday.

"Make up your own rules", Stila promotes individuality with their carefree, whimsical cosmetics brand. They are very known their non-intimidating approach to beauty (evident in their eco-friendly packaging and quirky logo!), and still remains fashion-forward and sophisticated. 

For their new Festival Collection, Stila creates limited edition and wearable makeup for eyes and lips--perfect for music festivals and can be worn every day! I love the classic Stila black liquid eye liners na waterproof! But here are the exciting new Stila makeup for summer 2013:

Stila Countless Color Pigments - P995
These are cute colorful pots, with unique tie dye effect! The Stila Countless Color Pigments have multi-use and allows for endless use! Use fingers or a foam-tip applicator to apply shades individually, side by side, or mixed together! The shades are called Indie, Finale, Lyric, Acoustic, Light Show, Groupie, and Tie Dye!

Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color
Available in 2 shades (light and dark), it's easier to apply, and mas natural ang finish compared to my usual powder brow makeup!
Stila After Glow Lip Color - P795
Affordable lipchooks alert! These Stila After Glow Lip Colors are cute crayon type lipstick na reponsive sa black light! :D Dazzle by day, glow by night, you'll love these unconventional creamy bright shades with cherry-flavored scent!

Party Pink, Electric Pink, Rave Red, and Tangerine Dream:

Vivid Violet and Festive Fuchsia 

Bilang I have a quest for the best dark lipchook, tried out the Vivid Violet. I love it!

Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balms - P1750
A permanent Stila product, the Stila Stay All Day Beauty Balm is complexion-perfecting: hydrates and nourishes the skin while controlling oil and blemishes! Now updated with age-defying formulas and SPF!

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eye Liner in Turquoise - P745
Cute limited edition shade! Stays all day, waterproof, easy-glide felt tip precision applicator, and quick to dry! In short, perfect! :D

The Stila Festival Collection are available in Rustans Department Stores.

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