Happy Birthday Tracy!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dearest Trace,

I know you'll kill me (!??) for giving you a birthday post, 
BUT I can't think of a better gift na for this "long distance" celebration, hahaha! ;p

Not sure if you still remember this photo, or where and when sha tinake. 
Most probably eto yung night when we started to click again as friends 
after years of not seeing each other since our Candymag days. Valii EMO night!

Two or three years after, and kitang kita ang difference. 
Not the looks (although part din sha, hahaha!) but our "aura" is.....different.

Now we can watch and cheer in UAAP games together (win or lose, hehe),
chill parin tayo and happy after (lalo na pag nakatambay na sa coffee shop-kahit hindi ka nagkakape hahaha)

I don't usually dance, but not with you guys! Crazy kung crazy!

We go to concerts / music festivals together (FUN TIMES!)

And of course I watched you (like a proud mom hahaha) when you're happy! Hala you'll kill me lalo with this stalker photo HAHAHA. MESSAGE MO KO KUNG DEDELETE KO!!! ;p INANTAY KO TALAGA BIRTHDAY MO BEFORE I POST THIS HAHAHA!

You'll always tell me na friends should lift each other up. Nag stick sa akin yun. :) I am sobrang sincerely thankful to have a friend who will be there for me during ka-judge-judge days (hahaha), and will actually really listen and understand, BUT will not let me stay there. Alam mo na naman birthday wish ko for you, and I hope you know you're always part of my prayers because your happiness is mine too (naks, but true!). Napakamature mong kasama, I really have to call you ATE Tracy na, hahaha. 

EXCELSIOR! Nowhere to go for us both but UP!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACY! See you soon! Enjoy HK!


Your turn! Always excited to read your comments! :)