Da Vinci's Workshop at The Mall of Asia!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'm sure if Leonardo Da Vinci ang pinaguusapan, kung hindi Da Vinci Code ang top-of-mind, it's the Vitruvian Man:

Or the Mona Lisa (klazik):

Or the Last Supper:

But through SM Mall of Asia's newly launched Da Vinci's Workshop, I discovered that there are other more inventions and works this great painter created during his lifetime. As in! Sha na talaga!

Like tipong everyday common objects like bikes and cars, sa kaniya:

Mastermind din si Da Vinci ng projectors na veryvery significant satin every presentation sa school o work:

May mga music-related paandars din siya:

Da Vinci also created the first diving suit, na take note, made of leather pa. Original androgynous fashion, hehe joke!

Panimuno din ng mga pulleys and other machines na nagpagaan ng lives natin ngayon:

Through thorough research and experimentation, Da Vinci also came up with this boat / ship "V" form na mas lumulutan nga naman kesa flat lang yung ilalim ng bangka (genius!)

Maliban sa mga water / underwater inventions, Da Vinci also explored on different flying machine designs:

In short, di man lang nya ako tinirhan ng maiimbento! ;p Hahaha! 

Trying to come up din with something, maka-isa manlang akong genius invention sa lifetime nato! ;p Hahaha, char lungs! ;p

Went with Bff Paul during the Da Vinci's Workshop launch last Wednesday. 

Pacultured na kami, hahaha. Sinagot niya pati yung Da Vinci-related anagram assigned to me, so bati kami niyan, joke! ;p

Anyhooo, I took sooo much photos during our stay in the workshop, but I won't be posting all of them para may thrill parin on your visit! 

 Infairness sa taga-pour ng wine!

Pati sa iPad na ang piyesa ngayon! :)

Titanic-mood! :D < 3

Fancy dining area for the guests:

The Da Vinci's Workshop is located at the Mall of Asia's 2nd level, and features around 64 moving and dynamic inventions and notable painting by Leonardo Da Vinci--ang ultimate jack of all trades! Napaka-advance nya for his time! Entrance fee is at Php200, free for preschoolers. Kudos again to SM Family Entertainment Center Inc.(FECI) and Aurea International Exhibits of Argentina for bringing another educational and entertainment spot in your site!

For more info and updates: 

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  1. Cool! I wished I attended the event. Thank you for this awesome article Miss Ana. :)

  2. May ganito pala. Thanks for sharing! :)


  3. Super sad I missed this! Kalurks nakakamiss kayooo!!! :( Anyway, I don't know why, pero na-goosebumps ako seeing those Da Vinci works in your photos. Haha must see this live!!

  4. Thanks for appreciating gals! :) To more educational sites, noh! :)


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