Must Love Flats with Le Bunny Bleu!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Keep your feet on the ground with New York shoe brand Le Bunny Bleu, the newest flats haven in the EDSA Shangrila Mall!

This "romantic vintage" brand is all-out when it comes to flats! Love natin ang heels natin, but aminin iba talaga and thank God talaga for beautiful flats, lalo for commuting here and there, for walkathons and malling, and lalo na pag tired na our feet from whole day of 3 to 5 inches!

"Pick a pair you fancy!" Here are some photos I took of the cutest Le Bunny Bleu flats!

LOVE! Brogues with neon yellow soles!

Pax can't decide sa two cute brogues designs! Pag sinabihan ka na kasing "Very YOUUUU!" Patay na decision making skills mo at pag titipid, hehehe.

Pastel perfection! Brogues in a mix of pink and tan:

Canvass flats:

"Sneakers" (canvass flats painted with sneakers design) and oxfords:

Cutest! Le Bunny Blue's classic bunny design!

Hindi maka-decide si Ava with the cute pastel colors!

Girly vibe: peep toe, bow accents, and flower detail!

Shimmering sequined shoes in candy colors:

Show stopper: Neon loafers! < 3

My favorite! Peep toe flats with different-colored soles and metal bunny design:

Cute sandals for the forever-summer Pinas:

Ballet flats with little white bunny detail:

Ang cute nito with skirts and dresses!!!

More eye-catcher colored loafers!

Si Tracy naman super decided with the off-white lace flats na very chic and girly!

Visit Le Bunny Bleu at the 5F Bridgeway, East Wing (the mall's newest wing!), EDSA Shangrila Mall. Fall in love not only sa shoesettes, but also with the shabby chic store interiors!

Cute bunny-eared dj played chill music all-throughout the launch! :)

Perfect host for the event: Ms. Patty Laurel:

I think I'm in love! ;p For more info and updates, visit Le Bunny Bleu on Facebook and Twitter! :)

BTW! I got the black flats with (!!!) cute sky blue soles, and with gold metal bunnies! :) Conjugal shoes namin ng Ate ko, hehe! Sharing is caring! Haha!

What are your Le Bunny Bleu picks? :) 

PS: Watch out for their Glorietta branch soon!


  1. aww cute! sharing is caring, indeed!:)

  2. Super duper ng cute Le Bunny flats!!! I felt how nahirapan kayo picking a pair! Haha miss you girls!!! Miss you big sis. See you this week, please? :)

  3. @ava true true, lala na if sa fam! :)

    @christine supppeeeerrr! :)

    @arnie hope to see you too this week!!! :)

  4. super cute flats!! bet ko pumunta dito! see you soon ana pot :D


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