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Monday, July 29, 2013

Lee® Stretch Deluxe – The Ultimate Experience in Comfort & Movement 

Slowly but surely, Lee has developed a new denim experience for the woman with intelligent taste. Creating jeans from superior Italian fabric that stretches and recovers, this technology gives denim the elasticity to not only mold into your shape but hold it also. Side seams are moved forward, pushing in to make legs look slimmer and longer. Reconstructing the heritage blueprint, a new curved waistband stops jeans from gaping at the back. 

The offering of fits this season include:
1)  the ultra skinny Scarlett, a sexy tight pair that hugs the shape of your body from waist through the thigh, all the way down to the ankle. 
2) The high waist Skyleris cut skinny to hug the shape of your body from waist through thigh and all the way down to the ankle to set off those feminine curves. 
3) The Jeggings has a low waist that skims the hips. It is cut skinny and hugs the shape of your body from the waist through thigh and all the way down the ankle. 

All three fits tinted with in-trend washing including soft and light blues and a bright and fresh pure-as-snow white. For more info and updates, follow LEE on Facebook and Twitter!

Btw, congrats to my giveaway winners! 

Cheska E. Pagsanjan

Facebook: Janice Que 
Instagram: Leyanna Fortes

Emailing you all for the details! :) Thank you guys for supporting the blog, and watch out for moremore giveaways soon! ;)
Special thanks to Pink Parlour and Etchuserang Ukayera for hosting these blog giveaways.

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  1. Thanks! Im so happy and my name is up there! u made my birthday present so worth on this coming Thursday! thanks and keep inspiring other people


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