Trigger Happy

Friday, July 19, 2013

trig·ger-hap·py adj. Slang
1. Having a tendency or desire to shoot a firearm before adequately identifying the target. (source)

Random kwentos uli. First--my simple outfitey lang for Club Hour last week! :) After wearing heels on my first day, nadala na ata ako! Haha! Third floor pala ang classroom! So I invested in cutesy flats last weekend (you'll love the pairs sa SM Parisian Comfy, for P500 only!)... And of course, win din sa comfort si Chucks:

Geek Top - Topshop
Black Cardigan - H&M
Eagle Necklace - Forever 21
Stripes Skirt - SM Ladies Fashion
Sneakers - Converse
Watch - TW Steele
Photos by Aisa Ipac, thank you! :)

Wore this simple outfit to school with a black oversized H&M cardigan mom bought me (or si Ate ba to?) when they went to Europe eons ago (soshal) 

For documentation purposes, here are my other Club Hour outfits for my first few days:
(walang taga pic so mirror shots nalang, maparaan! Haha!)

Polo - Basic House
White Skirt and Black Bag - Mango
White Heels - Gold Dot

Playing with Stripes:
Stripes Blazer - SM Ladies Fashion
Stripes Shirt - Oxygen
Red Skirt - Mango
White Sneakers - Shulong

Class Geek
Details above.

Blue top with yellow cut-out hearts sa sleeves - Cristina Decena's @ SuperSale Bazaar
Black A-Line Skirt- Forever 21
CUTEST Sling-back Flats with tassel deets - SM Parisian

The day I wore the Class Geek look, I went to the UCC area across Glorietta right after my class to meet....

...Pax! :) Hahaha, umaoutfit-pic sha when I saw her and Mich in our meeting place! Kaya pala hindi na nagrereply, hahaha!

Mich left muna and went back to work, while Pax and I decided to go around the food stalls and the cute food trucks na lakas maka-abroad--also near UCC. 

Pax availed one million plates of foods! Hahaha, sha na talaga ang "variety of taste" queen, or the "every meal time is buffet time" queen, hahaha!

Interesting! Option for the vegetarians - Mushroom Fries!

Didn't get to try it though, I was craving for something else. I opted for good ol' Go Greek muna in the Food Choices (para ercon din ang kainan, haha, arts). I also had the salted caramel ice cream from Merry Moo. The rest of the plates sa photo na to, not mine na but Pax's! ;p HAHAHA.

Chikahan sessions! Super missed this girl, and hope to catch up narin more often! :) 

We had Starbucks after, and then went up sa office ni Mich, na may paandar pantry daw! Sobrang at-home ni Pax dito, ang laughtrip! Parang sha ang nag-oopisina dito! ;p

Same day, while going down the building to go home, biglang nag stuck the elevator in between two floors! Sobrang panic kaagad the other people we were with, but si Mich calmly pressed the emergency button. 

Sorry, I selfie-d to calm down, and para matawa lang sa situation, haha. Alam ng friends ko ang personal-space issues ko, and deep-down at that time I was having a serious case of claustrophobia na, but unbelievably controlled naman. Near ako ng door so mejo nakakahinga pako.
This instance resurrected old memories of getting stuck in an elevator on my debut walang signal ang phones, walang emergency button (only a cctv camera detected na may ganap na pala sa elevator!), and sobrang tagal ng tinagal namin ng college friends ko sa elevator to the point na nag-fog na yung mirror-walls. Ang sikip pa namin nun! Nakaka-panic yun, and feeling ko that was it na! Proud to be more calm na ngayon, siguro nakatulong nga ang Bikram: breathing in a hot, crowded room! :p

Speaking of Bikram, I tried another fitness activity weeks ago. Tracy brought me to Barre 3 in The Spa Rockwell.

 Natatakot ako nung una coz it's a mix daw of pilates, ballet, and yoga--I haven't tried the first two in my whole life. At kung gracefulness lang, out nako jan! Haha.

The yoga practices with Bikram Alabang helped, though. Parang naexercise ang breathing ko, especially if I can't hold in a pose na at masakit na--hinga lang. And then kaya naman to keep still even for just a few more minutes, until our teacher's counting ends.

What I love about Barre 3 is it's totally different pa from my bikram. Airconditioned place, with bar exercises--and mas focused sha sa arms, legs, and tummy--lalo na sa tummy! I'd love to enroll here kahit for weekends lang - for toning.

The things we used during the one hour class. Maprops din sa Barre 3 so interesting! May music din during class.

Cork flooring:

Space for bags and shoes:


Kanwari I posted in their Commitment Tree, just outside the studio, hehe:

"The real risk is doing NOTHING." - Inspiring tidbits for the Barre 3 students:

Most definitely! :)
For more info and updates, follow Barre 3 Philippines.
Thanks again Tracy Ayson for letting me experience Barre 3!

Although as if parang I have too much na on my plate, I feel that there's something lacking pa. I want to go out more and learn more and be more involved in other things. I've read a friend's FB status "I need a hobby" a few days ago, and I realized that baka yun din ang hanap ko. I want to take up more classes, and so without much thought, I signed up in different ones na just awhile ago without even checking my schedule and budget! :p I am going "trigger happy" with my life right now, although I still pray for direction and focus. For now, though, Enjoyin ko nalang muna siguro to.

""Can't you come up with something different?" And therein lies the whole of man's plight. Human time does not turn in a circle; it runs ahead in a straight line. That is why man cannot be happy: happiness is the longing for repetition."
-The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera


  1. Gustong gusto ko 'tong bet mo pang maging involved in other things, big sis! Looking forward to see you doing more "hobbies" ♥ Alam ko magiging happy ka dyan! Love you!! And tawang tawa ako sa elevator ganap niyo. Pano if na-stuck tayo tas may iba pang strangers? Tas di pala sila tao, they'll turn into zombies!!! HAHAHA Omaygad praning na ko =)) See you soon big sis!

  2. I LOVE THE GEEK TOP!! Bongga sis nung barre 3. Gusto ko din!! Parang ang enjoy lang tapos pahealthy pa. Thank you sa post na 'to hehe


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