"But night is the cathedral"

Saturday, August 03, 2013

"But night is the cathedral,
Where we recognized the sign.
We strangers know each other now
As part of the whole design."
-Suzanne Vega, Gypsy

Cathedral Top - Kirin-Kirin @ SuperSale Bazaar
Leather Skirt - Forever 21
Black Ankle Strap Heels - Rajo for Parisian
Thanks Sarah Tirona for taking my photos!

“We all end up alone in that dark hole at some point in our lives and if you don’t have a foundation of friends and family to help bring you up and out it makes that journey long and detrimental.”

Coincidentally, the link to an open letter to Amanda Bynes from her former colleague in showbiz was the first thing I saw in my FB newsfeed last night when I got home from Cafe Publico Greenhills "blog kada" overtime hangout / much-needed semi-reunion. In a way it summarized / gave conclusion to everything (read complete letter here), including the bothersome side-discussion with Sarah when we all started having the usual kanya-kanyang conversations sa katabi before the night ended. I realized that those little inner devils may not fade instantly, but it's not a unique san nanggaling? thing. We are never alone, but a "part of the whole design" of a tagpi-tagpi--but when viewed in long shot, a beautiful cathedral.


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