Student-Mode + DLSU Student Media Congress

Friday, August 02, 2013

As posted here, I am all for continuous learning (naks)--like it's a part of my whole living the life concept. So when I learned about the De La Salle University's first Student Media Congress via Nuffnang Philippines' members email...I registered agad-agad! Other than the interesting topics on social media, they also presented a cool line-up of speakers for day 2 including Ramon Bautista and Ms. Joyce Ramirez of Publicity Asia! I was a day late with my deposit, but sobrang meant I still got a slot for the 2-day affair!

Chill student-mode look: sweater, dress-code-friendly skirt, and comfy sneakers:

Archie Vintage-Style Sweater - Bazaar
Red Skirt - Mango
White Sneakers - Shulong

Medyo (sinadyang) late ako for Day 1 dahil I thought of skipping some of the earlier activities after reviewing the online sched, including our national anthem and a dance (?) I arrived mga pa-10am na, just in time for Mr. John Nery of PDI. I also signed up for my FOUR day 2 classes at the reg booths in yuch, before going up the auditorium.

Stayed at the back while listening to how the Inquirer keeps up with the times. I love that our daily papers are also very hightech na. May technology na na pag tinapat ang phone sa jaryo natin, may extra stuff na we can see online like exclusive related photos and videos! :) Cool. They also gave away a tablet, na gusto ko sana karirin but jahe pa ako that time from being late, hehe.

I don't have a decent photo during the talk, but here's a quotable quote: "People use the internet like a drunk man to a lamp post... For support, not illumination." In short, mesa "confirmation bias" din talaga tayo. Agree?

I think perfect timing din that I signed up for my classes earlier, the moment I reached DLSU, dahil when we were on our lunch break--dun lang nagsipilahan ang mga participants! The event was open din to outsiders (like me!) and most of them groups from other schools talaga.

They also gave away lots of prizes from sponsors like Havaianas, Strip/BrowHaus GCs, etc, via raffle. Ang cute nung Line stuffed toys!

Mr. Val Victa of Manila Broadcasting Company (Love Radio, DZRH, etc).
"Radio Superstars are not yet dead!"
I super enjoyed this talk--and how Sir Victa communicates with the audience well.

Ended Day 1 with Sir Val Victa's important message about RADIO vs other media forms:
"It's just another distribution method."

For Day 2, I came on time na for my registered classes. Unlike Day 1 where the conference was held in 1 big auditorium and lahat nandun, Day 2 medyo classroom set-up na with limited number of participants per talk.

They gathered the participants by building, infer, para walang maligaw! :)

Check out the different classes offered, and also encircled my Day 2 sched:

Class #1: Digital Marketing with Sir Carlo Ople
"Blogging doesn't mean your just good in writing, but finding that topic close to your heart that has commercial value."

Class #2: Brands and Content Marketing with Sir Anlex Basilio
I really chose this class not only for the topic na can be useful for my online shop, but also, favorite and bukambibig ng sister ko palagi noon si Sir Anlex! :)

Sir Anlex showed A LOT of cool examples of branded content and entertainment vids
--like this cute Dumb Ways to Die infomercial! 
"People HATE ADS! ... Branded Content adds consumer value. Their aim is not just to sell, but also to provide VALUE to consumers such as entertainment and education."

Class #3: Going Viral with Sir Ramon Bautista!
Another fun class na super inanticipate ko dahil sobrang laughtrip sakin ang libro and vids ni Ramon Bautista!
And true enough, kahit live panalo ang hirits niya sa akin!!!

"Bago ako naging boy-next-door kinda guy..." LOL!

"O ano!? Manuod nalang tayo ng mga youtube videos, wala nang lecture!" ;p
Video presentations galore, pero maraming "concepts" and tips inserted from time to time. 
Sana maging ganitong teacher din ako in the future! :D Funny and inspiring, naks!

On creating a viral video: "Gumawa ka ng kakaiba... Choose your words properly, para kakalat."

Patawa nung Q&A, naintimidate kanwari si Sir RB kay prof, "Patay tayo dito, naka-long sleeves!" HAHA.
"Favorite topic ko...Myself being stupid and silly. Funny yun. Pero yung sakto lang ha... Wag ipilit! 
Wag kang totodo baka mawala na pati respeto mo sa sarili mo."

Class #4: Cutting Through Noisy Feeds with Ms. Joyce Ramirez of PR Asia
One of my first choice classes just because I really look up to Ms. Joyce's social media presence and power!

"How to cut through your noisy feeds? BE ORIGINAL. Think of something that has never been done before. Bench and F&H got all the big local artistas, so I told Penshoppe, why don't we bring in international celebrities?"

After my last subject, met up with Paul in the cute Cafe De Seoul in One Archer's Place (feeling students talaga! Dismissal!). Although alone for the most part of the congress, ang saya din na may kakwentuhan about my 2-day adventures at the end of the day!

Ang sarap talaga maging studyante, kaya if you're still in school, lasapin mo na yan! :) Take notes, listen, learn, apply to your own life! Also, never stop learning. Umeffort parati when it comes to investing in one's self. 
And lastly, to sum up siguro the lessons I got from the different DLSU-SMC talks I attended last week--especially for fellow bloggers: CONTENT is still KING. There is nothing like giving your readers interesting, entertaining, or educational things to read when they visit your blog. Nakakainspire to strive more just to have these.


  1. Hi Ate! It was nice to see you again. I'm glad you enjoyed the 2-day congress. :)

  2. I also look up to Ms. Joyce :)

    And yey I love your Archie shirt!

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  3. Aww, nakakamiss classrooms ng DLSU! Haha <3 Sana I knew about this din! Seems interesting, and ang sarap bumalik sa Alma Mater haha :)

  4. wow i should have come there (if only i was invited) haha i'm planning to take broadcast communication pa naman. i just received my prize! thank you again! :)

    1. yey hope you like et! :) and nice course choice! :) good luck with school a :)


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