Baguio Clingies Day 3

Sunday, December 01, 2013

We had 4 days in Baguio, but the last day was spent packing na so, technically, the 3rd was like our last day already. Kahit very eventful na ng 1st and 2nd days, ang cool na we never ran out of things to do and new places to eat in Baguio. 

Fleece Coat - Uniqlo | T-Shirt - Team Manila | Pants - SM Ladies | Sneakers - Converse | Photos - Pax

Mixed 2 diff black-and-white prints andar.

...It was also our "pasalubong shopping" day! 

Okay, so as blogged before, this Baguio trip was really to accompany Tracy--na may wedding na aattendan there. So morning of 3rd day, in her cute pink gown + leather jacket, hinatid na muna namin our baby to her wedding friends' meet-up place.

...Then we headed to this place for breakfast! Another artsy discovery c/o Tin's intensive (!!!) research... Ang cute ng "Oh My Gulay!"!!!!

My cuties! Hi Pax and Tin!:)

Deceiving sa labas--we climbed normal staircase upon staircase, and reached this floor na parang old wooden ship!

Drama shot, hehe, nice quaint place sarap may ka-date, lelz:

Cute fishes andar:

All nooks and corners, artsy! Inspiring place to go to.

Artsy announcements!;p

Artsy CR:

Artsy dining area:

And, best of all, vegetarian ang sinerserve nila!:)

Most of us ordered yung Oh My Gulay Rice. Masarap though mejo bitin ako! Love the onion rings din:

While Tracy was in a wedding, and Pax went on an errand with Niko, I went with Tin to Mt. Cloud Bookshop after breakfast to checkout this cute bookstore. When we went there kasi on our first night closed na sha:

Nice, passion talaga!

Outside the bookshop is this long "carpet" of words:

Yey welcome na welcome ako dito, hehe!

Don't we all love the feel of book shops with wooden shelves?

With cute origami and lanterns sa window...

...and may ladder to reach the books sa highest layer of the bookshelf!:)

Tin reading a local "ukay ukay" paperback:

Saw these on our way up the shop's 2nd floor:

Ang cute nito, every artist's dream room:

Vintage things on display:

Sana may ganito din sa Manila! :)

After the bookshop trip, we went to it's neighbor cafe Hill Station, also yung pinagdinner-an namin on our first night. A bit quieter sha pag hapon:

With my busy uminstagram date Tin! :) Benta yung poster sa likod HAHAHA!

After our coffee break, we rode a cab to the famous Good Shepherd para bumili ng mga UBE bilin ng mom ni Tin. I had no plans na to buy because paalis narin sila mudrakelles for states, but no! Natuwa ako na the products have a cause and "made with love" pa! :)

Very organized din ang lines of this blockbuster pasalubong place:

After that, we met up na uli with Pax at the Mines View Park:

Cute. :)

Moremore pasalubong shopping:

Medyo nastress ako sa pink pony. :p

Eto ang gusto ko hihi! Classic Baguio photo with Simon! :) Huggable!

View sa Minesview, hehe:

Gusto ko yung photobomber si kuys sa likod, lol. Tin and Pax enjoying the street foods:

We took a jeep to the 50s Diner for din. Panay kain lang kami dito! :p

Very consistent sa theme of the place!

And last activity for the whole trip... Balik ukayan! ;P Sige hoard lang, kaya ako nahirapan pauwi e, haha. :p

Where we also had the strawberry taho! Ang sarap kasi ang init nya and super cold that night. :) < 3

The next day, bus on our way home, panalo yung movie di ako pinatulog sa byahe hehehe:

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