2GO Travel Iloilo-Bacolod Day 1

Sunday, December 01, 2013

My mom drowned na when she was not so kid na, and she drowned with her 2 sisters pa, tapos isa-isa sila sinave ng only brother nila--leaving her last struggling sa dagat coz my tito can't carry them all at the same time (stress!!!). Kaya ever since bagets pa ako, my mom made sure to enroll me and my sisters in a swimming class in Hillsborough. I am not pang olympic levelz, but I am more confident than my mom when it comes to the great deep waters. 

But when I had to bring up a trip which entails riding a ship--I had to paalam strategically (hahaha) and ng hinay-hinay (lol). Unang sinabi ko Bacolod-Iloilo all-expense paid trip lang, but later on, day of my travel, mom finally asked for my "flight schedule" (pataytayojan!)... Dun ko nalang nireveal that it's going to be a cruise with 2Go Travel--sabay abot ng Trip! magazine na tadtad ng photos of this reliable / safe ferry company under the Aboitiz group. :p Lusot naman!

Jacket - Giordano | Shirt - Forever 21 | Dress worn as skirt - Japan | Sneakers - Shulong | Photos - Paul

The bloggers meet-up point was in THE HUB--also 2Go's property in Manila (very near Rizal Park) where VIP 2Go Travel passengers can lounge before riding their shuttle to the pier.

Di ako nawala going there, hehe. Signs in color magenta lead me to...

...The Hub!:)

Hi Pax! Himala! She got there before call-time, nyahaha!;p

2Go The Hub is super spacious and comfortable. Keri ko mag wait dito kahit hours, before the travel. There are outlets din everywhere, so Pax and Tin were able to charge their phones before the "rush".

The bloggers group finally gathered in one of The Hub's function hall, for breakfast, orientation, and welcoming remarks from 2Go's VP/Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Stephen Rey Tagud:

From The Hub, we rode 2Go's shuttle going to the pier. Kahit pang 1 month levelz our bagahe+relief boxes, it wasn't super dyahe with 2Go's super helpful staff.

They gave us our 3-day itinerary during the less than 15-minute shuttle ride to the North Harbor:

Turista-mode ang maleta and picture here and there!!!;p

Check-in was a breeze and systematic, parang airport! The many process assures safety din for all passengers, and the place is infairness clean a! Ok, ireport na yan kay mother! ;p

Libangan for the bagets, yosi place, and drinking fountain:

Finally sighted our home for 2 nights: MV St. Michael the Archangel!

Ang laki niya! Ang grand!


When we got in the ship, all our bags were taken na to our rooms so direcho welcoming na at the videoke room, and then tour na.

"Welcome abroad!" Hahaha, panay kalokohan kami nun ang hahyper!;p

Merienda + opening remarks at the videoke room:

The common dining area. Guests can also tambay dito sa indoor airconditioned common area pag bored na sa room:

Foods were available 24/7 in their cafeteria:

Afterwards, we went on tour narin! I love this part coz I know we will be there din inside the ship for a long time so might as well get to know the vessel we will stay in. Mas komportable nako after this, seeing the safety precautions and getting to know the people behind 2Go MV St. Michael.

Minemorize ko na tong area nato:

Unlike the VIP cabins, there were "ordinary" sections din inside the ship for the regular passengers and for those na nagtitipid. They had no outlets so I guess convenient to have this charging station in almost all corners of the ship:

2Go vessels have different accommodations to suit everyone's preferences and budget. They have the State, Cabin, Tourist, Mega Value, Super Value, and State Class accommodations. You can get the specific details of each type of room in 2Go's website:

Bunk beds:

Semi-private/classier bunk beds room:

This is the most affordable "accommodation" in this vessel... Para syang "classroom set-up" or asa airplane. For hours of travel, medyo dyahe sha, pero kakayanin at P400ish lang siya!;p Moremore tambay nalang sa outdoor area or sa cafeteria!;p They also have a salon where you can get a haircut or massage, panalo!

Common wash area, in fairness clean! I go here pa nga pag may gumagamit sa cr namin. :p

Signs are conveniently placed here and there, and 2Go staff are ALL-OVER the vessel so I never had any problems going around this huge vessel:

MV St. Michael's Events Hall:

Parating may ganap dito sa gabi, may show, drinks, and nagiging comedy bar din sha in some nights!;)

Vessel map, life boats, life vest instructions... Picturean nato para imemorize!;p

For emergency cases:

Swerte rin when they toured us to the off-limits Pilot House, and met the captain! The place is amazing and nakakaoverwhelm sa dami ng buttons, screens, and maps na bantay sarado nila! Saludo na ako sa ship's captain and crew!

Safety first! With the tour around 2Go's MV St. Michael, I expected a fun adventure. First time in a cruise, first time to go to Iloilo-Bacolod, and with fellow bloggers / new friends, and my Clingies pa! First day onboard was already sulit.:)

Another off-limits section the 2Go Team showed to us! 

I love the view from here! Ang hangin din kahit tirik na ang araw. Super ganda... It was a place and sight na I've always wanted to experience before pa! 

Sabi namin nung start of 2013, it's going to be a YOLO year--we went to Cebu's Sinulog, went on Sagada caving, scared ourselves in Baguio's Diplomat Hotel, and now here's another different experience. We were thrilled to actually cruise together and track the unknown as a group!:)

Clingy girls room: State Room 7. Ako si Jirbie guys, lol. Had to request to change rooms para kasama ko my girlies:

The forever-2log at 2Go Gang! Nyaha, waley!;p

Bedmates with Pax, while Tracy and Tin shared the other. Welcoming gifts and personalized note from 2Go Travel, thank you!:)

The view from our State Room window + first sunset inside a ship:

Dinner, again, inside the videoke room, with the 2Go team, Tagline PR, and fellow bloggers--before our party party that night:

At around past 9pm, we went back to the now dim-lit Events Hall for the "Magenta Party"... A welcoming party set by the 2Go/Tagline team for the bloggers and other people onboard. May stand-up commedianne as host, and free-flowing drinks! 

And videoke! Mommy Lariza in her magenta dress andar sang I Will Survive!

Our manok bff Paul sang Faithfully:

Taas ba? Haha! Ginusto mo yan!

Papi Rod and Mommy Lariza! Papi sang Before I Let You Go:


Enzo and Tracy's duet - ang classic videokeng pang-pair Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang:


Infer naman kasi talaga sa all-white ni bff hahaha, he won the best-dressed award that night along with Ann! They both got a pair of 2Go travel cards, swerte!:)

Congrats again Paul for winning the best performance that night, moremore 2Go Travel Cards si koya! Ok ikaw na mag captain ka nalang kaya (hahaha bitter!;p) joke lang, congrats bff!:) 

Ended the night with a canned pineapple juice treat from bff in the ship's cafeteria.:) 

It was an eventful first night, and I had a great, deeeep sleep bilang pagod din that day, and ang sarap maduyan ng waves while chilling in our posh MV St. Michael room with my friends..



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