Urban Light

Saturday, December 21, 2013

I think that the most beautiful sight for me in LA are the palm trees that lined up their streets, especially postcard-worthy pag sunsets! Ang ganda noh?

Aside from that, I just enjoyed LA shopping! May time na I got the American Indian-ish cloak from Forever 21 on our first day in LA, na later on feel ko ang thick pala for Manila weather. I later on (days after purchasing, and after ma-ootd na sha!) learned from my cousin who lives in the States na pwede pa i-return sa stores sa States any item na hindi mo pala feel na, no questions asked, even on diff branch basta may receipt pa (and I was able to salvage pa the tag!). Wasn't able to get cash refund (ganun daw yung usual)... But naexchange ko the 37dollar coat for 3 more useful pieces from the store!

Anyhoo... same day ng aking last post, after touring the Getty Museum, the fam went to Santa Monica...

Namiss ko naman ang Coffee Bean tambay with the Clingies! :)

Saw several singers with very nice voice and equally great sound system asking for donations. Ganda ng porma at gitara nila a, pero ang saya din ng tugtog nila! :)

Mom's sisters! :)

Ate and Nike:

We met up with Mom and my titas in the kutingting store Kitson, and saw these cuties! Akk! Si Boo! The World's Cutest Dog! :D

Popular in Facebook, naka like ka din ba sa fanpage nya!? ;p Check out these Boo calendars:

Boo stuffed toys and mugs:

Ate and Cea took home one of the stuffed toys! ;p Ang cute!

Hehehe, very-me yung pink tee! ;p #Friendly

Uso to, kahit sa Greenhills, lol:

Cool HUGE Apple store!

May time na we were waiting for mom, and sat to people watch nalang. Saw lots of fashionistas! 

We drove to my tito's place, and saw the Santa Monica statue, with the sunset as backdrop. Sayang the plan is to catch the sunset sa Santa Monica pier, but hindi na kami natuloy at malamig nadin daw and matao. :(

We stayed in Ocean Avenue for a while para mag chill lang... (There's a place off Ocean Avenue, where I used to seat and talk with you. ;p)

View from my tito's unit! The pier! Ang ganda nya and panay lights. < 3 I wonder how it looks and feels like to be there! :)

We drove around the city, na super traffic nadin that night. Most prob, Christmas rush nadin doon, and cramming narin ang mga tao sa pag shop ng gifts. We passed by the popular Beverly Hills, and I wished we could stay for a few more days in the West and enjoy other places California has to offer. And of course, to meet other friends na taga doon na, wala na kaming time to plan! :p 

Last stop before dinner was at the "Berlin Wall" aka the Wall Along Wilshire, near my tita's office! They are 10 original sections of the Berlin Wall of Germany.

Main attraction to end our last day in LA! In love with the Urban Light, right across the Wall Along Wilshire. 

A creation of artist Chris Burden, these are 202 restored street lamps from the 1920s and 1930s. 

When we got there, ang dami ding teenagers and fashion groups na nag phophoto op sa area! Sabi ko kanila Ate, pag ako gagawa ako ng ganto sa Pinas, maraming mag ootd ditong fashion bloggers! Tapos pwede pang ipasara yung area for event venues and fashion or pre-nup photo shoots! ;p Ay panalo yun!!!

A setting from the movie Valentine's Day and a Tori Amos music vid, Urban Light was also seen in Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman's movie No Strings Attached. And here's what I realized from traveling... Na although a place is a beauty, and it's so hard to leave the people, the place, etcetera has to learn how to detach. No strings attached. Not in a negative and heartless way, but more of to be able to move forward, on to the next destination, with a happy heart and a satisfied and grateful feeling for a place you've been to. And to give the same enthusiasm and same curiosity for what's next to really live a full life. :)
Can't wait to tell you guys about my East Coast kwentos!!! ;p

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