28 Dares

Monday, January 20, 2014

1. Have a tattoo.
2. Be featured in a magazine or newspaper.
3. Meet Papa Piolo.
4. Consign or have my own shop.
5. Go on a road trip/out-of-town with the Clingies.
6. Watch a concert of a life-changer-level favorite band.
7. Join an advocacy I truly believe in.
8. Watch a play.
9. Beach trip.
10. Unplug for 24 hours. :p
11. Attend a local festival.
12. Check out a local library.
13. Learn to play a musical instrument  (at least 1 song).
14. Pay for a stranger's meal.
15. Attend a really interesting class.
16. Try detox / juicing for at least 3 days.
17. Attend the Bikram 4x a week challenge this Feb!
18. Consistently wake up not later than 8am for a week.
19. Go to province/city I have never been to before.
20. Learn how to drive (please naman! Lol)--License optional but plus point! ;p
21. Wear something really unexpected in one event.
22. Win something!
23. Go on a vegetarian restaurant hopping.
24. Invest in something I'll be so thankful for 5 years from now.
25. Read at least 1 book a month.
26. Take a random flight / bus trip!
27. Create an art or something that will have value in the future.
28. Buy a nice new gadget.

Deadline: January 20, 2015

Thanks to my bff @paultheprguy for the "Birthday Bucketlist" idea! ;)


  1. Cool list!

    19. Go to province/city I have never been to before.

    Have you been to Baler? Lika surf tayo~!

  2. Love this!! Might make one for my birthday too. :">

  3. very doable! got you covered, samahan kita sa number 1 wag lang mukha ni heisenberg pa tattoo mo ha!

  4. Nice nito! I made something like this din for this year ♥ Sana magawa natin! Hahaha papa Piolo talaga loool lezdudis!!!

  5. Hoping ma-achieve mo lahat toh beb!:) ako din i make a bucket list for every new year sa planner ko naman :)


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