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Slit + Buckled Boots + Kwentos

Before the kwentos... here's my outfit for the Blue Water Day Spa event, on a day na bumabipolar na ang weather na imbis matuwa ka na rainy days are ahead na, magtataka ka kung bakit ang kulimlim na nga pero ang INIT padin! :p 

Thus, I decided to wear presko but still rain-ready ensemble:

T-Shirt - Aeropostale USA | Skirt - Crazy About Maxi | Buckled Booties - Topshop | Photos - Yuki

Segue lang at mag bigay galang sa aking pilik-mata, haha! Thank you to Princess Hazel Spa & Salon for my eyelash extensions! Ok to para sa mga tiis ganda na tamad na mag ayos lalo na kung diredirecho ang lakad for a week! May kilala ako nagpa extensions nung mag bebeach trip, para hindi na kailangan mag mamascara pa pag asa Boracay, tipong pag mulat mo palang sa umaga, "good morning!" :p Iwas maroon eyes pa! ;)

Anyway, what kept me on my toes for the past days are two things: first is my Supersale Bazaar participation, with all the preparations and earlier's draining ingress (hindi ta…

PhFW Holiday 2014: SM Woman

SM Woman is my first show for this season's Philippine Fashion Week. Bringing together the collection of different women's fashion labels under The SM Store, SM Woman is definitely the go-to brand for most women looking for everyday fashion ...without breaking the bank.
Teresa Herrera introduced the SM Woman Collection during the VIP preview earlier:
"SM Woman" is a new label, formerly called the SM Ladies Fashion. It was introduced earlier to the VIP and press through the launch of its premier collection, highlighting trends but at the same time featuring clothes that you'll wear over and over again.

Hi Krissy! My hardworking friend from ARC PR, handling the event earlier. Congrats on the show's success!
With my PhFW Day 1 buddy, the beautiful Sarah Tirona, hehe!
Here's a summary of the pieces showcased in earlier's show:
Neoprene. Capture effortless luxe with lightweight style and uplifting breathability. Mid-length dresses provide a clean minimalis…

Midnight Cravings: Pizza...

Here's how even celebs express their love for pizza:
Aaron Paul, Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad, when the pizza guy arrives. :p
Brad having an affair with his slice:
Pizza box agawan during the Oscars 2014 (was this before this "selfie"? ;p). Love the serious business look, Ellen!
And my favorite, pizzzaaa... As described fittingly by Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Mother (Must-watch, lol, laugh trip!)
A few days ago, my own pizza guy arrived! A beautiful sight of yellow, just in time for my merienda: (nahawa nako kay Marshall, haha)
That's Spaghetti and Meatballs, Tortilla Chips, Hot Wings, and the star of this set, the new ...
... Yellow Cab BEEFY BOB - the marriage of steak and pizza. A delight in every bite of thinly sliced sirloin beef, tasty hungarian sausage, button mushrooms, bell pepper, onions, and a blend of wonderful cheeses like cheese jalapeno sauce, mozzarella, and romano. :p I do! Lol.
Beefy Bob Yellow Cab Pizza is available until June 30 only!  R…

BlueWater Day Spa: Lifestyle Redefined

The word ‘lifestyle’ is usually associated with luxury or having wealth.  Through this campaign, we are changing its definition to encompass a broader idea. Lifestyle is about the choices you make every single day of your life,” says Nancy Go, Operations Manager of BlueWater Day Spa.

I recently went to the Blue Water Day Spa new campaign launch at the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas and found out a lot of interesting things about it--one of which is its one-of-a-kind offering of a Spa Theater! :D Hope to one day try this with the gang:

I also met Blue Water Day Spa's growing roster of celebrity endorsers: Adding to their long-time endorser Iya Villania are Aljur Abrenica, Ian Batherson,Mikaela Lagdameo- Martinez, Fabio Ide, Kim Suiza and the Semerad Twins, Anthony and David. 

Hunks Aljur and Ian go to the spa for their soothing massage and pampering treatments. While model and mom of two Mikaela Lagdameo goes to Blue Water Day Spa for the Revita Firm and Revita Shape treatments. Day…

One-Stop Salon and Spa in Quezon Avenue +GIVEAWAY - CLOSED-

Edited: Congrats to the winners!
Kate Mira
Arianne Rose Agustin
Jenina Martin
Paula Romana Alagao
Maria Corazon Letada

Question, do you also set a day for all your personal care and makeover? 
For me, once a month, I set at least one full day for all my "kaartehan". I make sure to have my appointments, on a weekday (para wala mashadong tao sa mall), for my facial, UA laser, and eyebrow threading in three different salons. It's fascinating (ok, big word! Lol) to discover a one-stop-shop for all these girly needs. For the northerners, here's my newly discovered place for your next pamper / makeover day.
Welcome to Princess Hazel Salon and Spa:
Nagaantay na ang prinsesa, hehe! I was super excited although don't know what to expect for a 3-month-old salon. But they had me with their impressive interiors!
The golden couch by the entrance, with hair accessories and other merchandise you can avail in this salon:
We often use "hole in the wall' for food discoverie…