Here Comes the Sun-changing Polish @ Beauty and Butter!

Monday, May 05, 2014

Summer 2014 is all about road trips, the beach, and music festivals. We love to travel and explore the great outdoors more than ever. At the same time, when we can't take the heat anymore, other summer activities include hanging out in the mall, coffee shops, or in the cinemas! What is an even more fun accessory for summer? Let me introduce you to color-changing nails! 

Went to Beauty and Butter a few days ago to try Ruby Wing nail polish... a premium nail polish brand that uses SolarActive® technology to change colors under the sun!

Ruby Wing takes nail fashion to an entirely NEW LEVEL by adjusting to the light of your surroundings. 
In other words, bright and dazzling indoors and luxuriously vibrant outdoors!

The Ruby Wing Cupcakes and Champagne Collection:

The new Ruby Wing Festival Paint Collection:

 Just in time for summer, Ruby Wing introduces a new color line for the young, wild and free spirit in you—the Festival Paint Collection

Composed of bold summer shades and neons reminiscent of road trips and beach parties, the very names of the polishes in this collection is enough to make it part of every girl’s summer essentials: Crowd Surf, Groupie, Summer Love and Electric Firefly to name a few.

Matches the fun and modern vibe of Beauty and Butter, noh?

 If you want to try the Ruby Wing polish, just visit a Beauty & Butter branch, and upgrade your mani and pedi polish just by adding P60 to each service’s regular price.You may also bring a bottle home with you for only P599.

Thanks to my Buttercup Ate Beth for the great service!

I searched for the shade that I picked on the spot (forgot to check it while I was there, haha), and learned that this it the Gypsy Ruby Wing polish. Teal / mermaid green pag indoors:

 Which magically turns into apple green-ish shade when I went out! Cool noh!

Ruby Wing is available at all Beauty & Butter outlets nationwide. 
And while you're already there, here are the other services available in this salon:

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  1. OMG! Ang cool! Try namin ng kapatid ko to for sure! :D

  2. Wow they have new polish! I haven't visit Beauty and Butter since last year. Hmm time to head there again soon. Thank you for this blog Miss Ana. :)


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