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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Hello kids! Haha! Here's an outfit post featuring my "new look" for Summer 2014! NAKS! First, mas kita dito the lighter hair I acquired around a week ago, dahil mas bagay daw sa akin kesa sa mahogany. Still trying to get used to this shade, along with my darker skin tone (kabababad sa arawan sa Boracay! ;p). 

I look really different, noh? Haha! Look at my Paperdolls photo entry here, which was shot barely a month ago palang (also taken by Sarah, like this ootd)... Sabay segue nadin na PLEASE VOTE FOR ME as your "Favorite Summer Paperdoll" HERE ...and be the lucky winner of Php3k Paperdolls GC! And while we're at it, why not share nyo narin to your friends and family and online friends diba (hahaha kapalan na! ;p)... But anyway, win or lose, hope you also love my 50s look for this summer campaign--wearing both dress and denim polo (worn as cover up) from Paperdolls! Different ways to wear a madam dress and basic denim polo, diba! ;)

Anyway, back to the look! 

So nothing super WOW naman for this, except for my new hair and skin color nga... And also the necklaces, the shortest a pasalubong from the States from my dearest Tracy, and the 2 long ones are both from Stockton Row. Dress (H&M) and bag (Steve Madden) are both my purchase from the States na dumating na from the balikbayan box (finally!).

The "slippers" are not Birks, although I wish they are, haha. They are just the cheaper alternatives that I spotted while mall hopping weeks ago, just so ma-at-peace na ako sa pag babalik ng trend nato. I still can't spend P5k for a simple ragged footwear (although I really wish I can, coz CLASSICS naman na to!), but when my icons (the twins) wore Birkenstocks and was spotted while strolling the streets of wherever they are now, nainggit nanaman ako and gusto ko naka Birks narin ako! Malala, halos araw araw suot ko na to! ;p

Anyway! Not sure if I posted about my Proudly Plump Pinay interview, but if not, you can read it here
Thank you to the beautiful Stacy and Danah for featuring me! A teaser:

What were your body-image issues growing up? How did you overcome your issues? 
Aside from being called "baboy" when I was a kid (wow talaga how cruel kids can get!), I grew up with 2 thin sisters and was part of a barkada of 15 petite or thin girls, so I really felt that I have to stop being fat.

How would you describe your style? 
I am a mix of all things that interest me. I can be hippie one day, madam or nautical the next. Minsan depende rin sa mood ko and trip ko! I even went through the sporty street style look last year kahit hindi ata bagay sa akin HAHA but gusto ko e, and nag enjoy ako! ;) 

Where do you get your confidence from?
And of course, personally, with the years and years of experience and things that I have to go through, I get my confidence from within knowing that being different makes me this beautiful person that I am now. We all have different "charm" lang that we have to find out, and I know that my soft-heart (for people, for animals), my passion for fashion and the arts, and my love to share my life and stories through my blog and to my students (I am also a Fashion Club Moderator in Assumption San Lo high school) is a combination of why I can stand tall and be confident of who I am each day.

Ansabe ng soft-heart! Hehehe! Again, you can read it here! :)

Ang dami ko nanaman gustong ikwento like BU, or finally finishing the Breaking Bad series, or my take on Laboracay (haha), but maybe next outfit post! :) Haha! Happy weekend, guys!


  1. Ang ganda ng bag at siyempre si Miss Ana! :) Congrats with the feature. :)

    1. Hahaha naku thank you pau! I read your comment sa blog post, thank you!

  2. I feel youuuuu! Hindi ko kinaya ang "baboy" part ah. Nakaka-inspire ang confidence mo, 'teh.

    1. Hahaha some kids talaga!!! Hahah! Anyway, i was not like this before, natututunan naman ang confidence.;)

  3. Sinasanay ko pa sarili ko, thank you!!!:)


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