Sunrise or Sunset?

Friday, May 16, 2014

During the taping for our MadTV finale, I was asked by my co-hosts their own questions for my segment What Would Ana Say, making the whole Q&A thing more exciting and interesting. I wouldn't spoil the episode for you (watch nyo next Wednesday at a!:)), but I'll share lang siguro the part that I have to prove my point because I experienced it myself:

"Tignan nyo ako ngayon. Ang saya saya ko!"

It seemed sarcastic or a drunk remark (sipped sa bottle of San Mig Light ni Angel for every question I answered, though props lang naman! For fun ba, haha!), but seryoso ako when I said masaya ako. I've dreamed of being in this crazy disposition before, and now that I have it, I wouldn't hide it or doubt it. Happiness is indeed a choice, and habang hindi mo pa sha feel, pero ginusto mo sha, darating ka din dun. :)

Anyway, here's my outfit for the taping, which was taken by Bernadine Go (@buuuuurn), one of our super sipag MadTV interns (thank you!)! This is my favorite Kashieca white blouse with embossed flowers, while the yellow skirt is from Plains and Prints. I am not sure if it's to match my tan (the color yellow), pero it's also my little way of celebrating a new family that I'll be part of soon! :) Hooray! Hooray for Captain Pan! Haha. I want to tell this new project na talaga, but takot ako majinx, so let the color and the photos or even the title of this post be my clues muna for now! :)

I accessorized with my standout Metro Department Store multi-leopard necklace na lightweight na maraming pumansin that day (mukha daw mabigat!), and my cute tasseled tiffany blue bag (also from same store). My favorite from the whole outfit, most prob, is my new pair of heels that I bought on sale from Payless last Mother's Day Sale. I got these tiffany blue t-straps for only...... Php250!!!

I think I've mentioned "End of an era" one too many times for the past days. I hate goodbyes, the separation anxiety that comes with leaving a job, or graduating from college, or an end of a trip. In my case now, my Wednesday night habit will end next week, as MadTV closes its season. The tasks for this show might have been difficult for me na ang layo na nga ng bahay, ang dami pang ibang ginagawa--but sabi ko nga sa team yesterday, marami akong natutunan from them and I guess pinaka important dun is that a show actually believed that I can be a host! Nakakaboost ng self-confidence!

Sunrise or sunset? I know that it's still not the perfect life or nothing really changed since my not so happy days to today. But now there is more happiness just from the change of perspective, or from the different mindset, and I am allowing myself to soak in this light and will never turn back.


  1. sobrang bagay 'tong look na 'to sayo ate ana! <3
    heart. heart. heart :))))) stay pretty!~

    xoxo, rae

  2. Love the title Miss Ana and wait I want your skirt!!! I don't usually wear one but I wish to have a skirt like yours! So pretty! :)


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