Century Superbods Day1

Friday, May 16, 2014

I know this is parang weeeeks or month ago na ata, but sayang the pictures if hindi ko manlang mashare! Malaking flashback Friday nalang, hehe! Anyway! So weeks ago, I was invited to the Century Tuna Superbods by the Fuentes PR, all thanks to my MadTV team. The double challenge for covering the event is that hindi lang sha bilang blogger, but as a host for a show... So more more talkies. Another thing that I needed to consider was waking up ng suuuper aga 3am just so not to be late sa aking morning (first) flight! With 2 of our Mad Crew Rob and Kaloy, and my co-host David, we reached the Terminal 4 on time and along with the Century Superbods Finalists, no less.

David: Ang hirap nung ang aga kelangan naka crop top na noh? ;p - isa palang yan sa mga series of bentang jokes ni David Guison for the whole trip, hahaha!

First ones in the airport! Squint-y David and Paulo Oga of Fuentes Team

OF COURSE! Airport palang, may spiels na kami ni David! Tawang tawa ako coz from the airport to the walkway to the plane, to the airplane na mismo! Tutok ang cameras ng Mad crew samin! ;D Reality show!? Haha!

We did our opening lines sa gitna ng eroplanong ito, filled not only with the Superbods finalists, but also with strangers! :D Dyahe naloka ako hahaha... Pero experience!

The start of our pagandahan ng shot competitive IG-ers, haha!

"David papicture din ng clouds, parang required parati e." Haha! ;p

Well we slept for most of the byahe, but before we knew it, asa Kalibo na! Still sleepy and hungry, we still did our spiels ("So we're now herein front of our bus..." David: Di ba obvious yun? Haha!) and even interviewed some of the finalists na on their preparations and expectations. In a way, looking back, it may be a hard task but ang dami kong nalearn and mas gusto ko pala na involved ako than just watching and taking photos (what I'll do if I came there as my normal blogger self), so thank you Mad team!

View from our shuttle from Kalibo going to Caticlan--fisheye style! More tulog na dito, plus we were given sandwiches by the Century team. :)

Woke up to the host Monika in front of the bus, she's the winner of the Century Superbods last year! They had a mejo IQ / trivia game--the first challenge for the whole trip. The goal was to participate din (kami ni David) as part of our MadTV feature--pero grabe ang bibilis nila sumagot haha! Omega3 lang ata ang alam ko! ;p

After the game, they collected ALL the phones and gadgets of the finalists. Eto ata pinaka challenge sa akin as a blogger, hehe.

The moment we stepped out of the bus, the finalists were divided na by their team--by pairs, color coded and ready to do all the physical challenges! They were given a waterproof pouch lang and a Samsung phone.

Meanwhile..... Hehehe:

Ok so the end goal was to reach this ferry, para hindi maiwan or else they (or even we) have to take another trip, which is hassle. Takbo na kami ni David dito, bahala na kayo!!! ;D Hahaha!

Now in Boracay, and almost about to complete the challenges... Nadistract ako kaagad kay Boracay's blue-on-blue priceless OOTD... Walang kupas na merging of the sky and sea na hindi mo na makita the end of each (how poetic, haha)

The winner of the physical challenges was the yellow team, and the guy (Gerald) became my instant Superbods crush, haha! Just because winners are hot, haha! ;D

End of the challenge was a selfie game, kung saan effortless kami ni David hahaha! Siguro kung pagandahan ng app and filters nanalo din kami jan, haha blogging-trained! ;p

Congrats to all the finalists, though! The challenges were hard, but the biggest hindrance was THIS heatwave! 

But of course, the REWARD! Everybody enjoyed the supersarap lunch! Hallelujah! 

Eto pa ang pinaka covet part ko... The check in! Since early kami doon, my roomie Sarah wasn't there pa. I was able to take pictures (and dance with glee!) at our beautiful sanctuary for two night! :) Akkk!

Thank you for the gifts! Century Tuna, Belo Sun Expert, and Belo Men... Bat pa ba ako nag pack uli ng sunblock? :) Haha!

David and I set a time and met-up after we settled our things in our rooms, took a bath, and got ready for the afternoon in the island. Ahhh hello again Boracay! :) I think I will never get tired of you.

Took a stroll before our MadTV call time, and continued with our paartsy IG competition (haha, joke lang to of course, concede nako kay paps at masaya nako maka 35 likes, hehehe!)...
David: "Si Ana nag ocular pa ng ipopost" Hahaha!

When we reached Pearl of the Pacific Resort (the common meet up place during the entire event), parang gusto ko bigla mag turn around and bumalik ng hotel room (joke). David: Parang gusto ko bigla mag t-shirt. Hahaha! Me: Sabay suot ng ID, blogger po! Haha! Defensive!

The Superbods finalists just finished their impromptu photo shoots, so meaning, more time na for what people really do when they are in Boracay: do nothing! :)

David and I decided to drink fruit shakes, but the famous stall was packed that afternoon (what's new!), so we opted for another one na more of crushed ice for P100 ang ginastos namin (haha!). I couldn't take a decent grotto picture narin dahil nadadamihan nako sa tao (yaya! paalisin! joke), but then okay nadin pala to compared to nung Laboracay! 

When we got a text that the second batch arrived in the island already, we headed back to our hotel to meet our roomies Sarah and Paul. Then we looked for our spot na by the beach, and nakapag swim nadin before our call-time that night! This was pa-sunset na, and I remembered just gushing with Sarah kung gaano kami kasaya. :) 

We went back to our rooms to change for the all-white party that night. We also had dinner, where they presented nadin the finalists to the press people. The stage was also shared by their Coach Jim Saret and Chef Nadine Tengco, and the Boys Night Out, who also did the Century Tuna diet and exercise program.

All-white party ba kamo? :) With Paul, Mother Earth, Sarah, Rhea, and David:

Partying ng naka chinelas, lovet! Haha! Thanks for the group pics Mother Earth! :)

Going back to our hotel, may stop-over pa shempre for their Boracay choriburger fix! The 4 of us (David, Paul, and Sarah) went back to our hotel and had our own party / bonding there at the poolside, which we didn't even thought of documenting, but most prob one of the highlights (for me) of this whole trip. :)
PS: May nalunod, hahaha!

...Day 2 kwentos next! ;)
Thank you and! :)
Watch our MadTV special episode for Century Superbods here:

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