Veloci: The Watch of the Brave and Fearless

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Time is golden. 

I realized this at a very young age, that I have to make the most out of this lifetime. I was the seemingly "workaholic" in college--juggling school requirements with 2-3 different writing rakets outside the campus. I had a "Wow Philippines" project fresh out of college, exploring the country with my measly savings I earned selling accessories that I made--one unforgettable adventure was living in a farm for 9 days! 

Now that I am a "part-time blogger", I had more and more chance to go out there and try different things. It is my vow actually to collect more adventures while I am still young and single (naks).

Segue to Italian-inspired VELOCI watches: they believe that whether you are skydiving, swimming, climbing or surfing, the daredevil does all these in style. Just like these personalities spotted wearing Veloci Time in Boracay:
David Guison, Robby Carmona, Sanya Smith, Tom Taus, Antoinette Taus, Gretchen Fullido, Ornussa Cadness, and Jay from Kamikaze

Not only for the great outdoors, Veloci is also a must-have accessory when you're in the office, the mall, a concert, music festival, or the night club. It comes in 5 collections, each with its own distinct characteristics to match different lifestyles. So whatever new adventure you are planning to plunge into now, Veloci is right there with you as you cross off items in your bucket list. ;)

Veloci Watches are available in all LTimeStudio, Asprey Boutiques, and SM Department Store.

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