What To Look For In Quality Pearls

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Some fashion never goes out of style, and no woman can go wrong when she chooses to wear timeless and elegant pearl jewelry. Every woman looks great in pearls because they have a universal appeal; they express your beauty, elegance and charm. If you need a versatile piece of jewelry that is fitting for many occasions, then you need to consider wearing pearls.

Pearls are natural jewels that form inside of oysters; when a piece of sand lodges itself inside of the oyster, its immune system tries to get rid of it by coating it with a substance called nacre. Over the years, this substance builds up until it forms the pearls that everyone knows and loves. It's somewhat of a rare occurrence, and this is why pearls are so valuable.

When you buy your pearls from a reputable company like National Pearl, they will be graded on the following characteristics:

Size – Generally speaking, pearls aren't that large, so the company that you buy them from will measure them in millimeters. Large pearls are hard to find in nature; if you're looking for larger pearls, then you need to be willing to spend more money on them.

Color – Most pearls are white, but you can also find pink, gold, silver and black pearls.

Shape – When most people think of pearls, they think of a perfectly round object. When formed naturally, pearls come in all shapes and sizes; some of the most popular are oval, drop, button, circled and baroque. If you are looking for a new pair of earrings or a ring, then you might want to consider a pearl that isn't perfectly round.

Luster – According to National Pearl, a pearl's luster refers to the way that light is refracted off of its surface. Every layer in a pearl acts like a mirror, so when you look at one, it seems to glow from the inside. When a pearl has smooth layers, the layers refract images sharply, and this luster makes it more valuable.

Quality – It's impossible to find a pearl with no blemishes on its surface; pits, spots and scratches are very common, and they can lower the value of a pearl. Pearls with very few blemishes are worth more than flawed ones.

Nacre – High quality pearls have many layers of smooth nacre.

If you are buying something like a necklace, then it is going to have more than one pearl on it. Take a good look at the piece, and make sure that the pearls match each other. If you see color and size variations, then the piece isn't as valuable as one that has pearls that match closely.

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  1. I love Pearls! but I only have the fake ones.. Haha. I agree that they really look good when worn. Thanks for this very informative post. :)

  2. I agree pearls are the quintessential accessory every woman must own. Whether you're five or fifty, putting on pearls can instantly make you look more radiant without even putting make-up on! Just a few days ago, my aunt started teaching me how to properly inspect these beauties. When buying pearls, there a lot of things you have to consider to make sure you're getting the quality you are paying for. Blemishes, bubbles, pits and cracks are inevitable and are tell-tale signs that they are indeed real. However, good quality ones have very minimal defects like these and should be hidden at the back near the "pakaw" of an earring or the base of a ring. For the shade, most people prefer the pinkish-white pearlesecent color as it is the most classic of all colors available and it usually has a higher value than the colored ones. As for the size, bigger sizes approximately 14mm or bigger appear dramatic and grandiose which are more suitable for older women while smaller sizes have a more subtle and delicate appeal to them which are better suited for a younger age group. And last but definitely not the least is luster! To check for luster, you have to look at the pearl from afar to see how light reflects on it's surface. Good luster means that the color of the pearl appears to have several dimensions as light passes over it while it's surface remains smooth and shiny. Just sharing what I learned! Thanks for writing about this! :D


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