The Opposite of Envy

Monday, June 23, 2014

Necklaces - Charlotte Russe | Shirt - Cotton On | Jeans - Uniqlo | Shoes - Topshop

I am so happy right now, I caught myself singing in the showers earlier. And in the kitchen, while cooking my own brunch. Or whistling while feeding our cutie dogs, one of my guilty pleasures. I was joking to Arnie during our Luxent Hotel staycation last weekend that it was a "lucky mercury retrograde" (whut?!!! Haha!). Things may be steady on my end, but I am happy for my friends--like Paul's Trinoma fashion show moment, and Arnie & Christine loving and enjoying their careers. I am also helping my sister's old friend with social media matters to promote her first concert project #SamKurtMNL!:) In this industry (naksie), can't help but to be envious to some people's achievements or opportunities, and that's when I catch and stop myself. Envy--an intense negative feeling that you can't help sometimes, just because tao lang tayo. 

Being aware that something's not right, I read Bo Sanchez's enlightening new book: How to Deal with Difficult People - and learned that the opposite of envy is being CONTENT AND happy for other people's blessings. How to further contradict the inner devils? To sincerely pray that the person you are envious of will get MORE successes.  

Blessings are abundant! Love and light to you, you, and you! 
Have a great Monday! :)

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