VV Book Launch and Sneak Peek!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I was super excited for the release and launch / meet and greet of VV Life and Style Diary just because these two girls are so close to my heart. We seldom really hangout, but on big moments of Vern and Verniece, they will always invite me and my group of blog friends and that is why I love them cause they never forget. I was there in Vern's surprise birthday with just her family and barkada, and also witnessed Verniece's fairytale of a debut (I can still remember the dreamland set-up!).

A photo from our MadTV shoot last year, when Vern and Verniece guested in my DIY segment:

They are muuuch younger than me, but they've been through a lot of life transitions already. I supported their V clothing line several years ago--a genius concept where Vern's line consists of her trademark palazzo pants in different colors and prints, while Verniece created the cutest tutu collection.

Anyway, these girls achieved so much, yet they remained humble, true, and my friends. I am proud of them, and whenever I talk to several PR friends during meetings, and they bring up how they love the Verns or how responsible and easy to work with sila Vern and Verniece, I am secretly beaming inside. :)

Lined up for my own turn for photo and autograph! Hihi! Hello Bestie!

Ang cute! The third Vern also with his own VV copy:

And of course, the cute Baby Verne! I think pinapakita nila kay baby his picture in the book, he appeared there twice, hihi!

My own signed copy! Ok so without further ado, here's what you can expect in this Life and Style Diary by The Verns:

A "One Piece, Two Ways" section, where you can see how different talaga the style of the "twins":

Tips on dressing up for special occasions:

Makeup and hair tutorials:


Food and Fitness:

And of course, Life 101:

 Learn more about these sisters / bloggers through the VV Life and Style Book, produced by Summit Books and Candy Magazine, no less. It's like a scrapbook slash diary of everything the girls are passionate about. What I love most about it is that it is positive and inspiring, especially to the younger girls (and dreamers!) who look up to the Verns. I am proud to know them and see how far they've reached already. A printed blog!

An ate and a fan girl forever. :)

Get you VV Life and Style Book in your favorite bookstore now! :) All the best to you Vern and Verniece, I love you!

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  1. Lovely!!! I can't wait to buy their books. I love the girls! Sana next naman na magkaroon ng book ay si Miss Ana. Bibili agad-agad ako! :)

  2. I love how nice they are pa rin :) Blogger friends are love!

  3. WOW, amazing post! I've never heard of these girls, but now I'm a fan!


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