Two Less Lonely People in the World

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Had the biggest throwback last Thursday at the Air Supply concert at the Resorts World Newport Performing Arts Theater!

But before that, konting kwento lang...Arnie and I just went to RW to buy our tickets on the day of the concert na, assuming that with the expensive ticket price (plan namin P4500 lang kami--which is the cheapest section / gen ad na and still mahal!), but when I got there--all the Air Supply posters and ticket booth may nakapaskil na SOLD OUT. 

I got there around 4pm, and hindi kami umuwi even with the announcement. We had a decent dinner, praying that they'll sell tickets again and checking on sellers from time to time. Merong nag oopen bigla na slot, but either masyadong mahal (Php 12k!!!), or hiwa-hiwalay ang seats. When it was 7:30pm na, Arnie and I just waited at the ticket section along with a family of 4 and a group of 3 also hoping for tickets. Hindi ko alam why we were waiting and hindi nalang sumuko, baliw na ata, haha!

I must have done something good, cause barely 15 minutes before the start of the concert--A man sold us his extra tickets at discounted price! 

TWO LESS LONELY PEOPLE, indeed! Siguro takang taka yung mga tao, parang ilan lang kami sa younger bunch in this crowd, haha!

We were seated not at the P4500 section, but wala namang difference (for me) with the slight lang na layo sa stage from the P6500 area. I most especially love the stage--ang ganda ng lights parang galactic universe! Haha! People were so comfortable in their seats though, nakakafrustrate yung feeling na parang ako lang yung gustong tumayo at sumigaw, haha!

Oldies but goodies. Things changed mid-concert. Ang galing nila mag perform, and they know how to excite and engage the crowd. May connection na nga yung songs, they even went down the stage, to us! People had the chance to go near the stage (and kahit asa kaduluhan kami ni Arnie, tumatakbo kami!). They even recited a nice poem that tickled the old soul in me. Match that, of course, with the sentimental songs that I knew (by heart!) since grade school / high school. 

I guess the best concert for me is
1) When the performer have LOTS of talkies time, gustong gusto ko yung mga ganun.
And 2) the one where the whole theater sings along to ALL the songs, as if they are in ONE BIG KARAOKE PARTY!

Walang kupas, and no regrets! Air Supply is most probably one of the best concerts I've been to!

"We started, many many years ago, with just a guitar and 2 voices." 

Had a teary eyed moment when I was THIS NEAR to these guys--I was thinking WOW ano kaya ang feeling to have touched MILLIONS of love-fools (like me) through the years? And they're still there, willing to sing these songs to people young and old who still love to sing along with them after all these years?
Some of the songs they performed that night (I am sure title palang mapapakanta ka na, haha!)

Even the Nights Are Better
Just As I Am
Every Woman in the World
Here I Am (Just When I Thought I was Over You)
I Can Wait Forever
Two Less Lonely People in the World
(Here I Am) The One that You Love
Making Love Out of Nothing At All
Lost in Love
(There's nothing left to say but) Goodbye
All Out of Love

Cheers to CLASSIC love songs, best concerts, same music taste buddies, and timeless bands. <3 p="">Follow me @anagon for some of my concert Instavids!


  1. nakakainggit to!!! Nakakamiss yung soundtrip namin ni Papa! For sure pag nasama ko siya sa ganito ansaya saya na nya! hehehe

  2. Naiiyak pa rin ako pag naaalala ko to!!! Mas masarap feeling listening to them now dahil sa beautiful memories from this concert! ❤ Love you Anagon!!! Thanks for this night!


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