The leather skirt with the potential ‘wardrobe eternity’

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The leather skirt is an absolutely fantastic piece of clothing. Even if there is a small chance a Miami photographer will capture a girl wearing a leather skirt on the hot beach, it doesn’t mean that this outfit is not wearable in summer. There are plenty hot evenings that can let you wear fancy leather skirts.  Of course, if we’re talking about high quality leather, we mean high price. It is an investment and I’ll admit that the trends can easily scare you, as they come and go and the leather skirt is just too expensive to be useful only for one season. So you better choose a relatively classic line and be really attentive to the quality of the leather (supple, smooth, taut and necessarily lined!) Obviously, avoid artificial colors, awkward applications, and vulgar lengths. Instead, find a skirt with potential ‘wardrobe eternity’ and here’s waning: classic doesn’t mean old-fashioned!

      The leather pencil skirt has a seductive allure, the gathered one is romantic. The party one, possibly supported by a zipper or by an interesting buckle is current, while the straight skirt seems conservative and severe. As you see, there are many types, styles, colors and lengths. So whatever you get to choose don’t let yourself be influenced by the current trends. Consider the shoes, the bags and other clothes you’ll combine the leather skirt with. Think about what length exactly will make you feel comfortable and what type of design fits you the best.

       Contrary to what you might think, the pencil skirt is not strictly reserved for thin women. If you have a nice waist, beautiful buttocks, shaped hips and legs, the pencil leather skirt can really become your good friend for the fall and for the spring. If you have an androgynous conformation, you can choose to wear a red/orange or a cream leather skirt that’s soft and elastic. Combine it with a short sweater or a turtleneck leotard. If you’re really curvy, choose a medium dark shade (burgundy, tobacco brown, black or green olive) and wear it with a masculine shirt or a fine silk sweater.

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