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Thursday, August 07, 2014

I really love to write. Back in college, I actually took up a course in Journalism so I can improve and be good at this passion. I remembered that my college was also the transition years for mass media--I was witness to this big shift from requiring typewriter to having computer rooms in all floors of the university library and, for the richer classmates, lugging around their own heavy early-2000 laptops.

I developed the habit of reading broadsheets so I have something to report in class. Bringing my The Philippine Star along with my school textbooks was a requirement that I actually liked. Even during our internship in between junior and senior year, I bought my daily newspaper to work and satisfied myself with the latest (of course, while sipping my mug of coffee ;)).

I don't know how it all stopped, but suddenly, even the day-to-day newspapers at home vanished. I am guilty of relying on my Twitter and Facebook feed for instant news, but then I know it is still more reliable to read stories from legit journalists. I am happy to discover the convenience of The Philippines Star PageSuite App:

IOS users, you can easily download the app via your App Store (for free) by keying in "philippine star". Check out the positive review from a user:

The new issue will automatically be updated daily in your Newstand when you're using your 3G or WiFi:

When you open the app, you'll be welcomed by the complete front page stories of today's Philippine Star. Aside from that, there's the menu, weather, date, time, and The Philippine Star's official social media accounts:

I am not really techie, but the app is super easy to navigate even my 60-year-old dad uses this. The Philippine Star PageSuite app is user-friendly with the menu (newspaper sections, etcetera) visibly located in the upper portion:

The Sections

Stories for News:

Stories for Opinion:

Stories for Sports:

Stories for Business:

Stories for Entertainment:

Stories for Lifestyle:

Meanwhile, aside from the page sections, you also have an option to read today's issue in PDF File -- or as is in terms of layout:

Options for the PDF file include browsing their Archive, sharing articles, downloading, etc.

You can also easily zoom pages for your reading convenience:

To learn more about the app, tap the Help button, also found in the menu bar:

Are you bringing your bulky raincoat and boots or not? Lastly, the weather button at the upper-hand of The Philippine Star PageSuite app will also guide you on the day (and night) Manila climate forecast.

The future is indeed in digital, but this doesn't mean you believe in all things posted online. With The Philippine Star Page Suite App, you can get your daily dose of updates in the country and around the world from a reliable source. It is also as good as reading your newspaper, only more high-tech. ;)

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