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Friday, August 22, 2014

I know, I know. What was I doing in a BURGER place last Wednesday night? First, although a vegetarian, I love diner foods and good company (my friends told me they were going, so I thought why not!?). And also, I got very curious as to what Teddy's Bigger Burgers has to offer to us Pinoys. I also heard about their 1 year supply promo, na kailangan kong ibalita sa sisters ko (who are big burger fans!).

It was a busy media day for Teddy's, but the house is energetic even till our batch (last). Hello to this bloggers table! :)

Trying out their smooth strawberry milkshake na super yum, while here's Ava with her burger by the fine counter area. Most of them ordered the Waikiki Teddy's Burger.

Aloha! Teddy's Burger is Hawaii's best burger joint that started in a cray backyard cookout of owners Ted and Rich. With a 50s theme and diner menu (burgers, shakes, and fries), Teddy's Burger is a restaurant that serves QUALITY homecooked-style burgers in a quick service environment.

What's your preference?

Meanwhile, Teddy's Burger, like any diner place in the States, served a vegetarian option for me! I always have a thing for these US secret menus so that non-meat eaters like me can still join our friends who decide to hangout in a burger place. I had mine with GIANT onion rings sa side.

But back to the legit burgers! Teddy's is proud to serve HUGE serving of 100% fresh chilled ground chuck with no fillers or binders. The burgers are hand pattied daily and always charbroiled to order. Super Sauce is Teddy's own sweet and tangy creation, not your usual thousand island dressing. Teddy's Teriyaki Sauce is a traditional recipe made from scratch. So expect the highest quality and fresh burgers when you dine here.

As for Teddy's Bigger Burgers ONE YEAR SUPPLY of burgers promo, save this poster and make sure to sleep early tonight 'cause tomorrow's the day! ;)

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  1. I'm not a big burger fan but your photos are so enticing! I'd love to try their Monster Double with flavored fries and Waikiki Teddy's Burger.


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