Tuesday, December 02, 2014

People usually go to Boracay during summer, so this trip was really unexpected. Thank you AirAsia and Crown Regency! I have so much travel kwentos again on this 3-night vacation, so kahit na super dami na talagang ginagawa for BU, squeezing in a blog post on our trip muna pamparelax. Starting off with our travel from Manila to Kalibo...

We were at the airport early for check-in, but didn't expect that people still flock the Terminal 4 going to Kalibo even for a low-season. Ang haba ng pila!

I was with my fellow bloggers, so while waiting in line, some of us roamed around and saw these convenient Self Check-In machines that I first tried in the States. Doon parang hindi uso yung may assistant, and people are used to self-service. It is also a good alternative to lessen long lines, and avoid delays or getting left by your plane! More of these machines, please!

AirAsia is amongst the first to have self check-in machines in the country! Trying to figure it out. It's easy and also pretty much self-explanatory.

This is also the case for our flight back to Manila from Kalibo Airport - long lines as usual, but the queue was fast, and more counters opened when they saw more people coming in (thank you).

Anti-excess baggage. Since there's an allowed check-in naman, I made sure to keep my hand-carry at minimal. Less hassle din for me, actually!

Ready to fly with the Red Giant!

Hi Christine, Alyssa, and Tracy! Bloggers excited for our first flight to Boracay together!

AirAsia offers the lowest rates to travellers, staying true to their commitment "Now Everyone Can Fly". They can afford to offer low airfares by doing without the frills of usual full-service airlines, but still bring you great service.

The 25-minute turnaround: Meaning, "less time on the ground and more time in the air = we get the most of every flight through high aircraft utilisation, lower costs, and greater airline and staff productivity."

With my seatmates Tracy and Christine!

I always feel "swerte" when I get assigned to window seats, hehe. :) Hello Boracay!

Another cool solution for travellers is AirAsia's app, where you can conveniently BOOK and CHECK-IN via your mobile. The only problem with this is dahil sa sobrang easy na to book, forever layas na! Hehe.

The DIY system of AirAsia makes it an affordable airline - but without compromising the service. If you want additional comfort, just add-on. Aside from the self check-in machines (lesser operational costs), the inflight meals are by-order so you can do-away with it if you're on a budget. But if you have money to spare, they have interesting options other than the usual cup noodles and chips. Even their rice meals and coffee have varieties!

The roving carts that always tempt me to order, hehe:

I got the cookies with coffee meal, which costs P129. I can't fly without food or drinks, or kahit candy lang, hehe. Food calms my nerves, lakas lang maka foodie! :p

Cute AirAsia Merchandise, the Lagu is a beach essential!

Before leaving the plane, we asked permission to the friendly FAs if we can have a photo with the pilot for our blogs! We were accommodated by Capt. Rafael Burgos Misa and F.O. Andrea Halaguena even though they have a connecting flight pa, thank you!

Flight was smooth and even short, hindi ako nainip. I was just watching the clouds, catching with sleep, reading their inflight magazine, or eating... then we even arrived in Boracay 25 minutes early! Haha! Check out AirAsia Philippines' Website for their existing promos (P199 Base Fare!). I am excited for my next travel plans early next year, but for now, wait for my #borANAGON kwentos on next posts! ;)

To be continued...

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