Braven 570: Wireless Speaker / Speakerphone / Phone Charger

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Produce clear sound at the palm of your hands with the Braven 570. With the perfect fusion of crisp highs, full mids and powerful bass, it's hard to believe that this speaker is only 11 ounces, measuring at 2.5 x 6.3 x 1.8 inches. A small but terrible gadget for music lovers.

The rectangular Braven 570 is available in blue, green, red, white, black, and purple. 

USB cord and 3.5mm Aux cable, plus 2 rubber feet at the bottom panel to keep your gadget in place even in high volume:

The Braven 570's battery life is approximately around 10 hours of playback:

It has 2 built-in microphone facing opposite sides for an even more powerful sound production:

On the right side is the power switch, a phone button for calls in speakerphone function, volume / track navigation, a micro USB connection to charge the speaker, and a 3.5 mm Aux input to daisy chain two speakers (great for house parties or outings).

Battery status button, a 3.5mm Aux output, and USB connection - The Braven 570 can also charge phones and other gadgets using USB connection.

It's a portable speaker that can also serve as speakerphone for calls, and can charge other gadgets. The Braven 570 is a great purchase for only P3950.

Available in Astroplus, Astrovision, BCG Computers, Beyond the Box, Digital Arena, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, District 32, iBook, iCenter, iGig, iStore, iStudio, Microstation, Mobile 1, Odyssey, Quicksound, ROX, SM Appliance, SM Music & Video, Stoked Inc, Switch, Technoholics, and The Inbox Store.

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