Other Things To Do in Boracay (Wave Rider, Ocean Walk, Mermaid Training, Etc.)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Okay, so early November I was invited to fly to Boracay with some of my blog friends, and experience Crown Regency Hotel (read my Air Asia experience here). The whole time we were traveling (except, of course, sa plane) I went Ernie Baron-ish to the group and was constantly checking my weather app to see if the 60ish% chance of rain changed, but sadly it was consistent with the downpour threat. Anyway! We stayed for 3 nights in paradise, and witnessed Boracay's "other side". The shores weren't crowded, we stayed in a semi-secluded hotel, and it was raining the whole time. 

So this post is dedicated to how you can enjoy Boracay even if it's raining
Or, also, how you can enjoy Boracay even if you've been there a lot of times already. ;)

Praying for Mr. Sun, who didn't come (#hugotfeelz)

But no rain can ruin Anagon's parade, haha! Sanay nako diyaaan!

 Water-resistant hot pink watch from VELOCI, gel nail polish c/o Beauty and Butter SM Megamall, paper airplane henna tattoo c/o kuya sa Boracay for P100 only (hehehe)

Sheer kimono from CESA, thank you!

We are so used to the Boracay na we just lounge sa sand, Jonas fruit shake in hand. And when nighttime falls, go to Station 1 to socialize and party in tsinelas but hindi ka padin makakauwi ng maayos (hehe).

But when we went there, it kept on raining. So the challenge is, what do we do now? Not one to get BV agad, we maximized our stay by availing all the amenities offered by our hotel Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center. Located in Station 2, this 8-hectare property is inspired by the element of water and houses guest conference center, restaurants, and several interesting water activity areas. 

First activity: Wave Rider with Seph!

Para siyang surfing-slash-wake boarding, but in a tsunami wave pool. Instructors are very professional, so I learned the basics agad. Or maybe because I had background na from Baler and Camsur trip. The Wave Rider is open daily from 10am-12nn and 2pm-6pm. For hotel guests the lesson is for P1200/hour or P900/30mins; while for non-guests it is P1500/hour and P1200/30mins.

Ang saya niya! Umuulan niyan the whole time, but kayang kaya naman! They also lent me a rashguard, plus they provided the board. If others weren't waiting for us, I can spend hours here. Pwede na ba naming sabihing "STOKED" kami niyan ni Seph!? Hehe!

Our next stop was in the Ocean Bar, also inside the Crown Regency Resort and Convention. They have Marine Shows at the Oceanarium Tunnel Walk every 11am-11:45am and 4pm-4:45pm which includes mermaid appearance, meet the divers, and fish feeding. Entrance is at P400 for guests (P300 for 4-7 yo), and P600 for outsiders (P300 for 4-7yo).

Ang ganda! A whole new wooorld!!! A dazzling place I never kneeew. LOL! All blue keeps me calm, so bentang benta sakin ang Oceanarium.

Saw sharks though! Scaryyy pero cool! They were swimming with no barriers with all the other fishes and even the mermaids... But they told us na this type of sharks tipong anti-social and lumalayo daw pag may tao (true enough!).

They also offer the tour with buffet lunch or dinner which costs P600, or P800 for outsiders. Ang sarap lang din mag hangout here and watch mermaids and eat and drink.

They also have an Ocean Bar KTV (9am to 10pm) which is P400 per head or P600 for outsiders, or rent a KTV room para mas sulit for P4k (max of 7 persons), P6k (max of 20-30 persons) with consumable food and drinks na! If we stayed here pa longer, most probably masayang mag inuman dito! :D

 One of the most sulit that you have to try in Crown Regency is the Ocean Walk / reef walk, which operates from 10am to 6pm. Hotel guests pay P2500/30mins, non-guests pay P3000/30mins.

They provided everything na from the goggles to the suit, gloves and proper footwear. We also had a short briefing and training (hand signals, what to do when water goes inside the goggles, proper breathing, etc) bago kami isalang. Hello from me and Pax!

It took us a while to get used to breathing with tank, and they allowed us naman to get used to things with no pressures, so thank you to our trainers who were very patient with us! They are all professional divers, by the way, so for sure you're in good hands. I was so ecstatic the first time Tracy and I were together underwater... Nag holding hands pa kami niyan! Hahaha!

Fish feeding! Kinikilig ako niyan, haha! Fishies! In all shapes, colors, and sizes! :D They came rushing to me when I handed the food provided to us by our teachers in large canisters... Nun narealize ko dead fish and squid pala yung nasa kamay ko! Haha! Di ko alam anong mafifeel ko niyan as a vegetarian, lol, but I was high and excited the whole time! O sharks wag lang kayo ang lalapit sakin, hehe.

Starfish! Ganap! I was holding it for the camera, haha! Thank you Christine for taking my pics! Para akong nagpepresent dito sa classroom, "This is a starfish" hahaha!

Ooooh! I was able to hold the Pearl of The King! The whole time asa isip ko Anagon Collection jewelries ko, haha. Anyway, ang bigat niya hindi ko siya mabuhat mag-isa, so useless if may balak magnakaw nito, hehehe.

"I'm OK" hand gesture. :) Ahhhh so grateful for this experience!

Trice and Seph for 2nd batch! The reef walk is by 2 to 3 persons only, para mas tutok and one-on-one ang diving instructors. 

I can't seem to find the price for the Mermaid Training, but we were able to avail it in Crown Regency! They had us try on the fins, wear goggles, and they taught us the proper way to swim ala Little Mermaid! Parang worm lang, hehe. Hello Alyssa and Angela + Teacher Mermaids!

Today's OOTD, lol. After experiencing the reef walking, this one's easier na. Bongga din siya for photo ops, hehe!

Sirena pa more with Pax, haha!

Nighttime na when we went out of the Oceanarium, so we have no photos na. Since basa nadin, we all went for the swimming pool (Tsunami Wave - 10:30am-11am, 4:30pm-5pm, free for hotel guests and P600 for outsiders). Actually ang habol namin was the suuuper huge SLIDE! Pabalik balik kami dun, going solo or sabay-sabay, till mapagod nalang kami sa pag akyat, haha! We were screaming and dancing, sana wala kaming nagising! ;p Super happyyy!
To be continued... 

For more info and updates, visit Crown Regency Hotels Website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @crown_regency, and Instagram @crownregencyhotels.


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