A Beautiful Wedding

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I recently attended a very creative wedding at The Mango Farm in Antipolo. My cousin was the bride, and she opted for an unconventional theme, venue, and color scheme. 

She even wore red Chucks underneath her wedding gown! If you're getting married on a tight budget, opt for elegant wedding dresses and then make your pair of shoes the highlight of the whole outfit. 

The bride and groom are in a long distance relationship because of work, so their main theme for their wedding included paper airplanes:

I was involved in the crafty design and details of the wedding, specifically the bride's bouquet and the groom's boutonniere:

Me and my family:

Photo booth + Starbucks stalls:

Since it was an unconventional wedding, I went for a cute short dress in one of the color motifs. Weddings are a one-time thing, so it's wise to choose a reasonably priced outfit. There are several dresses and gowns in different colors and cuts via the website cheap dress uk that you might want to browse through.

And lastly, pick a basic dress that you can repeat for other occasions. Basic is the best friend of every fashion lovers, just add accessories and a different bag and pair of shoes to modify the look.

One of the things that I realized after my cousin's wedding is that the best part of every special occasion is the people that you are with. You can have all the creative frills and beautiful gowns, but it will be nothing without the presence of your loved ones. Congrats Ate Ginj and Kuya France! :)


  1. love your dress Ana. what brand is it?

  2. Finding this place was the best thing that happened to us after the owner of our previously booked venue refused to answer any of our calls or emails after giving us completely stupid excuses. The coordinator at this wedding reception place did a wonderful job.

  3. Very creative and special wedding! What should wedding guest dress? Highly recommend this pink dress in floor length.


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