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Friday, April 17, 2015

March 22, 2015, Osaka, Japan

Jacket and Cable Knit Sweater - HM
Skirt - Forever 21
Bag - Shana
Hat - Daiso
Nike Roshe Run - Gift

With all the events and vacations rushing in, I am trying to fast track all my Japanagon posts (huhu). The momentum to blog is slowly dissipating, along with our consumable Japanese snacks and pasalubongs. Anyway, here's my final set of OOTD from my SLR. Barely halfway through the trip, I decided to just use my iPhone 6 to take pictures and leave the heavy SLR in our room. Pax told me the photos from my phone are better naman daw, she even thought I used a camera all-throughout, hehe.

Anyway, I received an anonymous comment in one of my Japan posts asking for tips on what to do and where to go during a short trip in Osaka. Here's a list of my favorites in this city:

1) Food trip in Dotonbori

Osaka is said to be the "kitchen of Japan", sooo when you visit the city, wala munang diet-diet!

Pablo Cheesecake - We tried the original and it is too simple for me, but my Ate just LOVES it! I can compare it to the Uncle Tetsu cheesecake.

Visit hole in the wall / hit-miss local restaurants! Try okonomiyaki on one night, and then takoyaki on the next. There are also a lot of katsu and sushi places in Osaka... Medyo nakakalito sa dami! :p

My most favorite: the BEST ramen ever is in ICHIRAN, and a bowl is less than 300 pesos!

Ahhh!!! It's sooo goood!!! Pleaseeee!!! :p I want to go back here!!!

2) Visit Concept Cafes / Restaurants

Every nook and corner in Osaka, you'll find something interesting to try! Stand-up bars, cat cafes, or an Alice in Wonderland-themed cafe?

 My favorite is the huge bookstore-slash-library Starbucks in Dotonbori. People were either discreetly chitchatting with friends or reading a book in one corner. It was nice to blend in, while I had my Starbucks hot chocolate.

3) Temple Run! 

Osaka Castle, Shitenno-ji Temple, and Sumiyoshi Taisha... visit my former posts for other places we visited. To me, a worth-it trip is not just about seeing the city or go shopping, but also immersing yourself to the country's culture and history.

We witnessed a wedding:

4) Spa World (Blogpost)

Something relaxing and liberating for a change, try different onsen or Japanese public bath house in Spa World.

5) Universal Studios Japan for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! (Blogpost)

6) Shopping in GU and wastelands! 

My favorites are Flying Tiger and Tokyu Hands for all sorts of unnecessary BUT CUTE things! When you enter a wasteland in Japan, parang biglang titigil ang oras as you go through all floors, shelves, and corners just so you won't miss on any interesting items. I saw calligraphy pens, all sorts of stickers and washis, all colors and prints on socks, sudoku toilet rolls, and even a teepee tent! Next time, I'll set a budget na talaga for all these cuteness. :p

7) Lucua

A suuuper big mall with lots of covetable Japanese brands like Muji and Emoda. Medyo expensive sila for me, but if shopping is your goal then this 10-floor mall is a must-visit!

8) Umeda Sky Building (Floating Garden Observatory)

Just across Lucua is an observatory where you can see a 360 of Osaka. Go here just in time for sunset to catch the beautiful view, tapos paabot ka nadin ng gabi. :)

9) Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan (Blogpost)

10) Minami (Namba Station)

This was my friendly neighborhood in Osaka, and I miss it dearly! As one of Osaka's 2 major city centers, you'll find everything here: from shopping in Shinsaibashi to food trip in Dotonbori (with the view of the Glico Man). There's still so much to see! So if ever I'll be given a chance to go back to Osaka, I will still pick the busy Namba district!

My number 1 tip siguro is to wear your most comfortable shoes! I realized that during the trip, ang nagpapastop lang sa akin from enjoying was when my feet were hurting na from all the walks. But you have to keep on going, hop and run from one train to the next, and even get lost during your travels! When my Ate left me so she can check out other food spots (I'm a vegetarian but I won't limit her food trip adventures), it was the most memorable part for me in the whole trip. I stopped tinkering with my phone, and instead paid more attention. I stared and not just glanced or took photos of the view, looked at the significant street posts and signs, stores or restaurants, and made sure I remembered ALL of them - not for sentimental sake, but just so I can go back to our meet-up point after our set hour or so. Right now, back in my room in hot hot Manila, I can go back to this fading memory bank where I stored images of the street signs, stores, and restaurant facade as I try to bring back all the good feelings I had in that short but beautiful trip in Osaka. Home after a travel is bittersweet! But anyway, can't wait to blog about the other cities (Nara, Kobe, Kyoto, Tokyo) next! :)

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