Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour #SpinnrKatyPerry

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thank you so much for believing in my weirdness!
- Katy Perry, Part of Me The Movie (hehe)

May 7, 2015, Philippine Arena

I am a big Katy Perry fan because I enjoy her songs and her as a crazy, over-the-top performer. Parating ang saya or may feels and inspiring, nothing in between! And although I can't say I am the biggest fan to the point that I'll go to her concert cladded in full-Katy Beth Terry costume, I've followed her for a long time nadin.

Flashback to her 2012 Manila visit, aside from holding a concert, Katy Perry also launched her Purr perfume line at the Mall of Asia activity center. I think this was where Paul and I became friends din (haha) because he gave me his media pass to the event as his "birthday gift"--and we weren't even close then! The difference is that he had a meet-and-greet with the pop star while I stayed at the media section, around 5 giant steps away from the stage... aangal pa ba ako? Hehehe.

On the other side of the barrier, but still felt like a very very lucky girl. :)

Before this event, I was set to watch Katy Perry's California Dreams concert naman na talaga. I bought my gold ticket, and went to the concert with a high school friend. I realized at the end of the concert that we were standing on our monobloc chairs the whole time, singing and dancing to all her songs. Ngayon ko naappreciate a concert that doesn't have a down-time.. Dahil lahat ng kanta ng artist super okay! Ngayon kasi nakakanuod nako ng mga concerts na mga 2-3 songs lang ang alam ko, hindi pa effort ang set, haha.

Flash forward to Katy Perry's Prismatic Tour. I wasn't expecting that I will be able to get tickets for this, but either way I was dead sure I'll be there anyway--kahit sa gen ad pa yan! Still the very very lucky girl, my Sun Cellular family c/o @SpinnrPH gave me tickets... VIP tickets to watch and cover Katy Perry's concert!!! Crying inside, hehe.

It was also my first time at the Philippine Arena, the world's LARGEST indoor arena located in Santa Maria Bulacan. Thank you to the MadhouseMNL team and Smart Family for the ride!

Before entering the arena, there are Katy Perry booths paandar outside. We were a bit early for the concert, so I checked them out muna:

Photo areas with lollipops, Katy Perry standee, blue wigs:

Photo booth ala the set of "Roar" music video was a blockbuster: 

Smart and Spinnr booths:

Where I got these souvenirs... A Katy Cat fan and bookmark!

Inside the arena, at the lobby, are more Katy Perry official tour merchandise:

Here's how the Philippine Arena looks like inside! Nakaka-overwhelm! Seating capacity: 55, 000.

And wala pang opening act, it was already almost filled to the brim:

While we were waiting, people go in by batch as usual, but there will be moments when a particular section will scream! Yun pala, may artistang dumating. 

Biggest commotion was for Kathniel, photo from @spinnrPH:

I also saw Kathryn Bernardo during the Katy Perry for Purr 2012 meet-and-greet, she's a legit fan:

The Dolls opened the show. The violinist was unreal:

I met A LOT of my friends during the concert... Tracy and friend (I don't have a photo, huhu), Arnie with her Yellow Cab team: (baon ko all my glow sticks, haha)

Angela and boyfriend:


Paul and Christine:

Paul, Christine, and Kendell:

The Prismatic World Tour did not disappoint! Aside from seeing the set, dancers, and of course Katy Perry much up-close compared to 2012, they really gave us a good show!

From fancy set-designs that changed around 3 or more times for a 2-hour concert:

Emoji overload! She also had mini movies again for this tour, ang cute!

Neon lights and YOLO for the classic 'California Gurls'

Of course, with a different set comes several costume changes:

Dark Horse

Hot N Cold ala Cats Broadway Musical:

Sunflowers and long gown for the sentimental set, including 'By The Grace of God'.

Katy Perry can twirl and bounce on one segment...

...And play her guitar (while breaking hearts) on the next. 

Here's one of the concert highlights for me! When Katy called a random audience member na talaga namang effort costume! Marty taught her Filipino words, and they even took selfies! Sobrang laugh trip nito! 
Watch this (and my other concert Instavids) at @anagon. 

"138 shows later, we're here in Manila, and we feel really proud tonight, actually... It may be the biggest show we've ever played for the Prismatic tour. It's been a long way, and we are so grateful. Hopefully you leave here feeling uplifted, hopefully you have a little more joy than you had when you came. It's not easy, but we've NEVER canceled a show. We know how important it is to show up, because we said we would! You're gonna have to take me out on a stretcher before I quit. So I dedicate this next song to all of you Filipinos...all the way in the top over there! ... I love you all (Unconditionally)."

This was when she asked the whole 55,000-seating-capacity Philippine Arena to open their phones' flashlights as she sang the emotional Unconditionally. So happy to be there. :)

Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour Set-List:
Part of Me
Wide Awake
Dark Horse
Legendary Lovers
Kissed A Girl
Hot N Cold
International Smile / Vogue
By The Grace of God
The One That Got Away / Thinking of You
Megamix Dance Party
Walking On Air
It Takes Two
This Is How We Do / TGIF / This Is How We Do
Teenage Dream
California Girls

Now I can say that I live for Katy Perry concerts! It was spectacular, and forever mapaandar! Thank you again and again Spinnr Philippines for making me a happy Katy Cat. What traffic? Haha! I am currently (still) having post-concert syndrome, so I just listen to favorite Katy Perry albums (even the ones not sold na in record bars) with Spinnr's unlimited streaming for as low as P2.50/day. Let's reminisce this day through our playlists as long as we can. :)

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  1. AWWWW I LOVE THIS!!!! Naiiyak pa rin ako kay Katy Perry plsss <3 KatyCat forever!

  2. Huhuhu me so jealous! I am a Katy Perry fan too!!! I wish I had the money to buy myself a ticket! Anyhoo, you're so lucky to have seen here twice already!

    1. Awww! I am sure she'll be back! :D Catch her even at the gen ad section, her production / set is always so GOOD sulit na sulit kahit malayo! :)

  3. I've been sporting na pala the #dadbod noon pa. Haha. Prismatic's the best concert I've been so far! Hoping for Coldplay naman next.

    1. Nakakatawa expression ni Katy parang nag hehesitate hahaha, yes COLDPLAY plez! <3 Shet!


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