Veloci's New Collection + White Pool Party

Friday, May 15, 2015

May 13, The Palace Pool Club

Dress and Heart Sunglasses - F&F | White Sandals and Red Bucket Bag - SM Parisian | Watch - Veloci Time | Photos - @artsyava

I've known Veloci Time for a long time nadin, and I love using their watch especially when I go out of town. The quality of this Italian-inspired watch brand is superb, they are perfect even for the beach as Veloci Time watches are all water-resistant. 

With striking design, comfort, and durability, Veloci Time made a splash last Wednesday as they launched their newest collection with a pool party at The Palace Pool Club.

The Palace Pool Club is a first of its kind in the country. Imagine the usual DJ and drinks --- but with a pool smacked perfectly at the center of the party! Aside from a white pool party, I think the venue is also a cool setting for other costume or themed events, like maybe add boats and nautical decors, with people in pirate costume? Hehe that will be cool!

Hi Mother! :)

DJ Nina Saputil and DJ Lunatics were on deck to provide fresh beats.

Models Hideo Muraoka and Catriona Gray were chosen to represent the brand and be among the first to show off their Veloci watches.

Here are several collections from Veloci Time: Introducing integrated silicone straps, exciting new dial colors, stainless steel and gold cases, elegance and convenience go hand in hand. Combining 100-meter water resistance with the choice to pick colors suitable for any occasion, all Veloci timepieces remain looking current and fresh, adventure after adventure. 

The All-White Pool Party served as the perfect canvass for showcasing Veloci's fresh new collection, from exquisite bright colors that are perfect for tropical sunshiny days, to time-tested classics that tastefully accessorize an outfit. Proof that Veloci is a watch that can take you anywhere you want to go.

To complete the pool party: popsicle sticks in yummy unique flavors

An area where you can get flash temporary glitter tattoos 

Enjoyed the night with my friends Rodel, Seph, Paul, Ruth

Trice, Michael, Pax, and Ava

“Veloci aims to be known as a brand that is always evolving—one that keeps up with the fashion trends and offers high quality watches at reasonable prices,” says Managing Director Marnie Chua.

Summer just got more exciting and fashionable. :)

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