Petrol Journey to Freedom in Boracay Part 1

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

I've prayed and prayed and attracted travel projects for the past months or so, so here I am with another recent trip to chronicle! I remember getting super ecstatic when I got an email invitation from Petrol Philippines to be with them in Boracay during Labor Day season (no less), AND along with my closest blog friend Pax! Aside from getting good vibes from all these perfect details, I also like the concept of Journey to Freedom adventure instead of just the usual "Laboracay" wild parties. In fact, our itinerary included pang-bucket list activities like parasailing, ATV, and cliff diving!

With Team Petrol Shannen and Paolo, who are both super chill and fun to be with. Pax was left by our plane! It was all over our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that day, but good thing she was able to book a same-day flight naman! Yey!

Our travel time is roughly 9 long hours because we had to transfer planes in Cebu pa going to Kalibo. Ubusan nadin daw kasi talaga ng direct flights. Surprisingly, walang delays so mabilis na yun. From Kalibo, we took a looong bus ride and by the time we were in the stop-over, I was already starving! Fortunately, ferry and van ride to our hotel was a breeze.

It was already night time and past dinner time when we settled in our rooms. We stayed at the Pearl of the Pacific in Station 1. To me, for a Station 1 hotel, Pearl is just so-so. The rooms are big, but I think facilities and the CR need more maintenance. Overall, though, the stay was comfortable and their service is good.

Since I was tasked to wait for Pax's arrival, I decided to go out to view the beach and check if there were happenings already. It was just April 29, a Wednesday, so hindi pa jam-packed that night. I saw the nearby Smart party:

Then I knew where I'll hangout and have my late dinner. Welcome to Boracay! lang ang feeling when I entered Jonah's, na buti open pa. They serve dinner and their famous shakes till 12mn.

The next day!

Breakfast on our first morning was ala carte, but the following days buffet na siya. Konti palang siguro ang tao.

Buti nalang chill pa our first activity (Island Hopping) at medyo disoriented pa ako. Pax arrived at around 4am na, so I was light sleeping-slash-mindless internet surfing for hours. We woke up around 9am na, but I still felt groggy. Anyway, the bangka ride was a good warmup for the day's activities.

The squad! Hehe! Pax, Me, Shannen, Paolo, Sam, Lissa, and David:

Somebody's having jet-lag, hehe. David, who just came home from the States!

Our first stop was at the Puka Beach for lunch. Love our nakaka-TGIS group shot, hehe.

After eating, we were waiting for the others in our bangka when these 2 girls hopped in and gave me a bracelet just because. Akala ko bebentahan ako, medyo naguilty naman ako. :p

We also swam and snorkelled, sayang wala akong photos!

The coolest part in Island Hopping: the vendors! Buko juice or ice cream? :)

It was my first time to try parasailing bilang ang tingin ko sa kanya mahal siya, haha. To avail the activity, we rode this reaaally fast boat going to the center of the ocean...

Helmet, safety vest, and harness. We also signed something, which made the whole thing suddenly scary, haha! 

But I was with my friend Pax naman, and we've been through scarier adventures na before (Diplomat Hotel!), so I thought... push nalang! We flew farther and farther till our boat looks like a tiny toy.

Me: So ano na?
Pax: Eto na yun.
Me: Ahhh... Pang date siya noh?.. Holding hands kaya tayo, matry lang?
*Pax and I held hands*
Me: Oooh and sweet!
Hehehe! ;p

We were up there for around 15 to 30 minutes, so we talked and talked nalang. Joke pa nga namin, BU meeting na tayo dito! Hahaha. When we got back in our boat, it was Shannen and Paolo's turn naman so we just rested.

Started from the bottom now we're here! Lels.
PS: Parasailing can either be scary or steady, depending on the person. Although steady lang sya for me, I saw others na nasusuka after they landed. Yung iba nalulula sa taas, or if you have fear of deep water / swimming this might be a challenge for you.

I was ready for rest and fruit shakes na, but we still had one final activity. ATV!

ATV 101 + A view of our track:

Exam? Haha! We filled out more forms with our basic info:

Power Rangers! Haha!

Steady lang ang ATV for me because I've tried this nadin before. But for someone who doesn't know how to drive, experience nadin siya. F na F ko ang pag manouver ng manibela, hehehe.

Back in White Beach, just in time for the sunset.

Sudden appearance of Boracay's infamous lumot. May oras and area lang naman siya, and I saw cleaners collecting and raking the sand. Actually, the crowd and the lumot weren't as bad as I thought.

Obligatory Willie's Rock sunset photo:

Another Jonah's dinner, with the gang this time:

Seriously contemplated a little if I should get a tiny Black Label or Chivas just because they are Instagramable, lol. 

Pax had online work, and ako naman I felt really tired from the long day so I spent hours napping and watching TV in our room. By 11, we decided to go out and not be lolas by walking to D-Mall. Saw a lot of PR friends near Epic so we stopped for a while for chitchats.

BTW, here's how Pax and I partied on our first night, hahaha! Midnight snack + ladies drink... Titas of Boracay style! Hehehe!

To be continued!

A BIG THANK YOU to Petrol Philippines for this trip! 
Special thanks to Shannen and Paolo for taking care of us!
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  1. Awwww super fun nito!!! Gusto ko more more adventures than parties! Galing ng Petrol! Haha alsooo is that Paolo Carino!!! If yes schoolmate ko siya!!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Awww.. :/ Miss you Gervin! :) Naalala ko our long walk :) <3

  3. Ang saya naman! :) Haven't been to Boracay for a while now, and still looks an awesome place to be. Hehe!

    1. Yes, super photogenic padin siya :) <3 I love it there. :)

  4. ANG SAYA!!!! I want to travel with you guys again!!


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