Three Must Have Bags for Spring and Summer

Friday, May 08, 2015

With the right bag by your side, you'll always feel prepared for anything the spring or summer months have to offer. Spring brings rain showers that wash away the darkness and dinginess that winter left behind and allows plants and brightly colored flowers to flourish. Many of the top bags available this spring feature pastel colors and brighter shades the mimic the colors of those flowers. Summer bags are just a little brighter and have a little more space for all the things you need to carry. Not sure what bag is right for you? Check out some of the must have bags for spring and summer.

Canvas Tote Bag

One of the must have bags for spring and summer is a canvas tote bag. Made from canvas, these totes have reinforced bottoms that won't break when you fill the inside with all your belongings, and most bags also have reinforced handles for better carrying. Some bags also feature a small pocket on the outside and one or more pockets on the interior. A simple tote is perfect for carrying clothing from the beach to home, and you can even use one of these bags as a warm weather handbag.

Cosmetic Bag

How many times have you opened your suitcase or purse and found your makeup opened and smeared across the inside? Even if you screw the caps on tightly, those caps can still loosen when carrying your bag with you. With a cosmetic bag, you'll never again need to worry about those smears and leaks. Specifically designed for cosmetics, these bags are the perfect size for transporting lipstick, eye shadow, foundation and even hair care products. Many bags are smaller and can hold TSA approved bottles, which lets you take your cosmetics and hair care products with you on a plane.

Travel Bag

More people travel during the summer than any other season of the year. If you're a frequent traveler, you'll want a duffel or travel bag. These bags have multiple pockets for storing smaller items, reinforced stitching to protect your items and comfortable handles that won't rub against your hands. You'll even find monogrammed bags that let you add your initials or name to the front, which helps you quickly find your duffel at the airport. Cosmetic, travel and tote bags offer a number of benefits that make these bags three must haves for spring and summer.

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