Takeshita Street, Harajuku

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We had less than 48 hours to explore Tokyo before our flight to Manila, when Ate recommended that we had to go to Harajuku because fashion. More than having a blog, and even before blogging, my life (cliche man) revolves around style and clothes. 

In Harajuku is the 400m long Takeshita Street. This pedestrian-only, narrow lane in Harajuku is lined with mostly independent stores and restaurants. This is where the Tokyo youth go to shop and hangout -- thus it can be called the center of Tokyo's teen culture.

Takeshita Street is located directly across from the exit of JR East Harajuku Station. If you don't know which way to go, just follow the teenagers, hehe.

Just before Takeshita, we saw a loooong line of teenagers...

...waiting outside a Garret Popcorn store!

When we got there, Takeshita Street was SUPER crowded! I had no worries though, I felt safe and even alive and lively (for a morning stroll). Every turn, every glance is inspiration. Ate and I shopped a lot at the giant Daiso branch (Titas of Manila style, hehe), but window shopping nalang for the trendier pieces (clothes, makeup, accessories).

Extreme fashion here and there, from classic to trendy, cute to goth:

  Food places, saw a lot of crepes shops!

More restaurants in this mall:

A kawaii candy shop:

My sister and I had lunch at the fairly quiet Wolfgang Puck Express, just near the Takeshita Street arch:

 And of course, Takeshita and Harajuku are not what they are if not for the PEOPLE. Love the beautiful and unique styles of the Tokyo kids. Nakakainspire!

Hi! Lol.

I know there are a whole lot more places to explore while in Harajuku (Omotesando, Yoyogi Park), maybe next time when there are no time constraints I can focus my Japan trip with only Tokyo. With just a few hours, I still enjoyed the lavish Takeshita Street as it taught me that there is a place out there where self-expression is alive, and being different is very very much welcome.

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