24 Hours in Malaysia

Monday, July 13, 2015

Genting Highlands is a cooler, higher area in Malaysia, a breath of fresh air after 3 days of sweating while touring Singapore and Legoland. It wasn't super cold coat-levels (sayang!), but a bit comparable to Tagaytay-weather especially when you're uphill. Like any Resorts World around the world, Resorts World Genting offers a lot of activities and attractions within and around the vicinity.

White Polo - Uniqlo | Black Jumper Dress - Forever 21 | Shoes - Steve Madden | Photos - @paultheprguy

Sayang we had to leave Awana Hotel early for our pahabol tours and flight back home. Although hindi nasulit ang hotel, I think meant to be padin that we stayed there.

One of Awana's receptionist helped us with our day's game plan by hiring a cab driver who took us to major stops around Genting, KL, then straight to the airport. We paid around Php 4500 total for the half-day Malaysian tour and taxi service. I think sulit na siya and very convenient considering we had luggages na ang hassle if we decided to go pure-commute.

Chin Swee Caves Temple

Our first stop was at the Chin Swee Caves Temple, a Taoist temple with a great view of a tropical forest. Entrance is free, and place looks magical in every corner. Chin Swee literally means very beautiful. One of the statues you'll see is the Qingshui Buddhist monk, known in China for his abilities to bring rain.

Giant Buddha:

A path that shows the ten hells:

Pagoda, like me, hehe.

Waltex Biotec: World of Phalaenopsis

If you are into orchids, the World of Phalaenopsis offers a wide range of these beautiful flowers for viewing and purchase. This wasn't part of our itinerary, but we were brought here by our cab driver / tour guide so we checked it out anyway.

The bike display looks very Japanese:

 Ting's Malaysian twin! Huhu!

The place is small, you can see everything in less than 30 minutes. A nice place to do flower shopping, if only we can fly them home!

Genting Strawberry Park

If you have no plans on purchasing flowers, I recommend that you go to the Genting Strawberry Park instead. It has entrance fee of RM 8, which is worth it when you go around the unexpectedly huge farm.

I enjoyed going around these lanes, picking the ripest, biggest strawberries. 100 Gram costs RM 8.

We ate our loot right away.

Aside from strawberries, you have to pass through the lavender farm, mushroom farm, and several souvenir shops before the exit.

Lavender Farm is super photogenic and an OOTD-worthy location. Aside from the lavenders, there are other beautiful flowers like roses and daisies. Next time I'll wear my sundress. :)

"There might be millions of roses in the whole world, by you're my only one unique rose." - Little Prince

Magical, two-tone flowers:

 Paul working on his macro shots:

Cute boots as flower pots:

Interesting mushroom section:

Cute tiny cacti! 

We've found Wonderland!

They also have a bee farm, and fresh honey for sale.

We were hungry by the time we finished strolling around the farm. Bought a few magnet souvenirs for our ref "travel mausoleum" before heading out for lunch.

Our driver took us to this lane of Chinese seafood restaurants. 

We entered a random resto with a very accommodating waitress who suggested several vegetarian dishes.

Vegetables and tofu, with yummy spicy soy sauce:

Thanks for the fine meal, and conversations! We talked about our travel, and how a day in Malaysia is never enough!

We bought durian before our loooong drive to KL.

Petronas and KL Tower

Petronas Twin Towers were once the world's tallest. They look really nice in photos, but even more majestic IRL.

The grand 88-story icons, with a modern Islamic design. 

A few blocks away from these structures is the KL Tower, our final stop.

We entered and paid RM 105 just to go to the viewing deck. A bit too expensive after enjoying Singapore's ION Sky for free.

After paying for the entrance, you only get a bottled water with the shape of the KL Tower, plus the access to the top floor where you get to see Kuala Lumpur's 360.. Including the Petronas.

It's a nice spot to take pictures, but that's about it. You're also allowed to stay in the area as long as you like.

Super windy day.

We were already tired by the time we met up with our tour guide / driver, so we decided to head straight to the KLIA airport and just try the Malaysian McDonalds. We said our good byes and thank yous, and even a "hope to see you again soon". 

It was a short and sweet trip to Malaysia, but I am excited to find out my next destination! I hope it's a place with cooler climate, I realized how I easily got tired during this trip because it was sunny and humid whole day. Also, I promise to make it more focused on one area (hindi patalon-talon), and definitely longer than 24 hours! 

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