Clingies in El Nido

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I've been browsing and re-posting a lot of my travel pictures since this afternoon. I miss everything! I wish for another food trip with Ate in a busy hotpot restaurant in Taiwan, or play again with snow with the whole family in Maryland. I pray for a repeat of that day I had to wake up before 5am so my high school barkada and I can catch the Angkor Wat sunrise. Or that time when my friend and I had to run after a bus in Little India after realizing we were a few minutes late from the schedule!

Anyway, here's my latest local trip with my blog friends. We went to El Nido to feature the fairly-new accommodation The Resort Bayview. Summer has long ended here in Manila, so our flight to Palawan was alongside three predicted PAGASA-announced tropical storms about to enter the country. Ang tatapang, YOLO! Mabuti nalang ang lakas ng aming dasal!

One More Summer.



During our first full day, boats were parked and umbrellas were up. We witnessed a semi-heart attack upon seeing a mini-twister slowly walking from the beach to the sand while we were waiting for our lunch in a wooden hut. I panicked a little, but most of the time, I enjoyed the fair weather (hindi mainit), the beautiful view, and the great food. Ang sarap talaga ng kanin!

The next day - and our last full day - masasabi ko na talagang we are a very very lucky group. Rain stopped, and coast is clear. For the first time in about a week, they gave a go signal of safety and allowed beach hopping tours! Hallelujah!

Here are the tour packages and rates offered in The Resort Bayview:

My favorite place, in front of the boat!

I love the beach can be a cliche statement, but it's true! Iba ang feeling ko of at ease when I am near one. The blues, greens, and whites are very relaxing to the eyes, the salty taste every time I lick my dry lips, my crazy hair, paddling and swimming, or even "sand between my toes", haha! I like everything! 

... Except the food. Haha!

As part of the tour, our guides prepared our feast for us. Sulit naman siya, everyone enjoyed! Most of the dishes they brought and cooked were inihaw seafoods (huhu, I'm a vegetarian), but at least they also served plenty of fresh fruits! 

All is well! Ang sarap lang talaga kumain sa tabing dagat, after mag swimming. So kahit ano pa yan, gow!

Tracy reading her favorite Coelho book, while we ate some more and took paandar pictures.

We also went to the Small Lagoon and Big Lagoon, beautiful beach areas with lots of greens and fishes (maraming nangangagat, haha!). We snorkelled and swam a lot, but most of the time panay hiritan lang and kalokohan! Hehe.

Pabalik ng boat, Tracy captured my strategy, hahaha!

Hindi ko na po kaya mag paddle, so hinila na ako ni Kuya! :D Nakakatawa that after this photo, kumapit na sa akin si Tracy para mahila nadin siya. Few minutes later, lahat sila were holding on to my arms and legs para magpahila nadin! Tawa ako ng tawa!

Enjoying the last days of Summer 2015. It was a blast, thank you!

Our boat ride back to the hotel was super wild. Ang lakas ng alon, buti hindi ako mahiluhin and I was confident naman we were in good hands. We left early the next day to face another 5-hour van ride to the airport. It was rainy when we woke up, so I felt even luckier we had, at least, one day of sun. I remembered the night before, in our room, we were watching TV and just laughing over random things. It was simple, but it completed the moment. This El Nido trip didn't just proved that we had the best beach in the world, but that I was also with the best people I met post-school life. We fix petty fights, laugh over the same things, and dream big plans for each other and with each other. To me, it was perfect. :)

Read more about our hotel El Nido: The Resort Bayview
Visit The Resort Bayview El Nido
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  1. Hi Ana! Looks like you had a great trip. Ganda sa El Nido!

    Hehe may I also ask where you got your swimsuit? :)


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