Unique, Alternative Swimwear

Friday, July 17, 2015

Like my thing for wedding gowns, I don't want to go for the usual bikinis when going to the beach. Aside from building my self-esteem and still working on some body issues (huhu, but getting there!), I can't see myself in them kasi hindi ko lang din talaga siya style. 

Good thing designers and retails brands are getting more and more creative. Here are swimwear alternatives you can try on your next swimming trip.

Skull short-sleeved swimsuit from

Tropical Getaway Short Sleeved Swimsuit from Roxy

Same as my swimwear in El Nido. Read more about this trip HERE.

Tuxedo-style one-piece swimsuit from and

Off-Shoulder Bikini Set from

Did something similar during my January Boracay trip - wore my Style Stunner off-shoulder top as beachwear.

Tiered one-piece swimsuit from Michael Korrs.

Long-sleeves one-piece swimsuit from

Peplum swimwear from

Feel free to comment your other recommendations! :)

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