Beyond The Box: Box Talks featuring Everywhere We Shoot!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our favorite tech store, Beyond the Box, really went beyond the box yesterday as they host the first of the many "Box Talks" for its customers. An exciting concept for forever-students-of-life like me (hehe), Box Talks are workshops designed to speak to the average "non-techie" in a format and a language designed to inspire and enable.

So happy that the first Box Talks was held in Century City Mall, at my favorite Le Petit Souffle! Had my favorite mushroom dish, and tried this yummy Yakult-Guava drink and Salted Caramel dessert. Saraaap!

Different artists from different creative fields of work will share their stories during the Box Talks. Yesterday, they had the creative duo Ryan and Garovs of Everywhere We Shoot! I've known this team for a long time, pioneering on photography styles, so I was thrilled to see them yesterday.

They talked about how they started with photography and design, and showed us their cool portfolio of unique pictures. A takeaway: Do away with whatever everyone's already doing.

Also, do not get stuck on just one style. Be open to changes, especially in technology!

“Technology has changed a lot for us”, Garovs shares. “It has quickened the pace of our work, allowing us to think and work on our feet,” volunteers Ryan. It has made sharing our work more convenient, making the exchange of feedback happen faster, enabling us to achieve more,” they both conclude. 

After the talk and the food trip, we visited Century Mall's Beyond the Box store. BTB's Sarah gave us tips on how to edit our iPhone photos without using 3rd party apps... Who would've known!

I like that Beyond the Box intends to bridge that gap between creativity and technology. I am inspired by the limitless capacity of our gadgets, plus how Everywhere We Shoot adjusted through the times. They started with raw analog and film, and still produce photos now by keeping up with technology and advancements in photography. Sa totoo lang, what matters naman talaga is the heart in the art! :)

Anyway, we were given 20 minutes with a pre-selected partner to go around Century Mall, and take photos for their Instagram contest. Here are some of my non-edited outputs:

Artsy na ba? Haha!

My partner Daniella, a student who won a slot for this talk:

And yours truly, going up! Hehe.

We went outside the mall, only to send this entry as our final output, hehehe. "Different Directions", edited via iPhone's Photos app lang! Thanks Daniella for sharing your talent and stories with me! 

Excited for the next Box Talks? For more information, like Beyond the Box on FACEBOOK and follow @beyondtheboxph on Instagram.

For more information on Everywhere We Shoot!, visit their WEBSITE, like them on FACEBOOK, and them on Instagram @Everywhereweshoot.

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