Day 1-2 of Basic Makeup Class with SOFA x MAC

Friday, August 21, 2015

Never had a week this packed, unless I count my out of country trips! Monday palang I was nervous for the week, how will I juggle classes, my fitness life (yoga, gym), events, and my blog. I kept taking Berocca and Enervon to stay healthy, and had to sadly back-out in advance from some events just to keep my focus (and also avoid being late!). Anyway, here's one of the reasons why I'm busy-excited the past days...

I am currently a SOFA x MAC Cosmetics basic makeup student! I've been wanting to learn makeup outside Xteeener's Youtube videos for a long long time, so when I chanced upon School of Fashion & the Arts (SOFA)'s Facebook ad during one of my internet breaks, I went ahead and enrolled! Right now, best decision ever. :)

Our instructor Ms. Eliza Santiago of MAC Cosmetics made our class fun, brutally honest, interactive, and still light! At the same time, we learned a lot in between the laughs.

What I like most about this makeup class is the balance between the lecture part and application. I actually like lecture and discussions because I get to know the brand more (I love MAC!), their products and available tools, plus beauty and makeup basics and tricks.

Our first day was dedicated to creating the perfect canvass, aka a clean base. These steps are now embedded in my internal memory bank:

I came to our first class wearing makeup (coming from an event), but eventually I realized that it is better to come with no traces of products in my face so I can immediately apply what I learn from the day without having to go through cleansing na.

All sorts of MAC products were provided for us to play around with, as long as we use spatula, and of course return them after use. It's a great way din so we can try what the brand has to offer, and also experiment with colors and tones that will match our preference.

After the lectures is the half-face demo. I haven't volunteered modelling for our teacher yet, but watching the application techniques amazes me from my seat. Parang ang dali daling tignan!

Our second day was dedicated to eye makeup, including the eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and of course the brows!

And of course, the last part is the practical / application! We go to the side with the tables and pro mirrors (with light bulbs!) and try to recreate the look our teacher demonstrated earlier, adding our own creativity and artistry. 

Early on, before the whole workshop started, we were asked for our purpose. Then, our teacher divided the group accordingly: Those who want to become a makeup artist, and those who want to learn makeup for personal reasons. 

Here's my new friends in class, we help each other and check if tama ba ginamit and ginagawa namin, hehe!

Second class, and we look different na, haha! 

I decided to learn how to apply my own makeup muna. If eventually, I feel that I want to become a MUA, then I might enroll in SOFA's Intermediate Makeup Class nalang. You have to bring your own model pag in this group ka na.

Trying the different MAC primer, foundation, concealer, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, etc.

I brought my own tools, and we can also bring and use other brands.

I discovered that I am an NC35!

Last night's face! After applying what I learned from the first 2 sessions, I think I am on the road in creating the "perfect clean face", and then hopefully soon even the kilay, eye shadow shading, etc.

If you also want to learn makeup, I recommend this class kasi hindi lang siya one time thing, but tuition is still affordable compared to other makeup workshops. I also like that, as students, we can go with Ms. Eliza during her MAC Makeup gigs and shoots so we can observe and learn. Everything's hands-on here!

SOFA's Basic Makeup Class is for 5 days at Php 6,500. On the 5th day, we will have a field trip in MAC Glorietta, and will be given Php 2k MAC GCs to shop for our favorites (woot!).

Classes are from 6-9pm, for this batch it falls on T-TH. I think they will have another batch in 2 or 3 months, so do get updates by liking SOFA on FACEBOOK.

Some Takeaway:

1) The perfect base still starts with good skin. Learn about skincare!
2) Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder. If the rule says no dark lips for day-time looks but you prefer it that way, then by all means go for it padin!
3) Practice Practice Practice!
4) Don't be afraid, it's just makeup and you can easily erase it naman!
5) Although class is relatively cheaper, it is tempting to invest on good MAC products after trying them out! They're really really good, so prepare your budget! It's true that learning makeup can get expensive talaga.


  1. Super fun!!! Sarap mag-enroll!!!! Teach me next time please, miss you ❤❤❤


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