Bulgari Omnia Paraiba

Brazil's Bulgari Omnia Paraiba fragrance is the small of summer. Good tropical paradise memories came rushing in the moment I figured out the quirky and unique Bulgari perfume squirt bottle, illuminating in jewel-tone blue during its launch at the SM Makati.


SM's Beauty Section was transformed into a rainforest, treating the guests with feasts to all senses: A beautiful set-up for the eyes, upbeat paradiso music to the ears, and of course, the enchanting spell of the Bulgari Omnia Paraiba scent.

The Omnia Paraiba's composition:

There was also an art station with Soleil Ignacio, who transformed bottles of the Omnia Paraiba with floral designs - complementing the perfume's fruity-floral scent.

"Fresh!" was that one word blurted out several times during the event. With the gorg bloggers / online influencers Kat, Vina, Yuki, and Nikita:

The Price List:

25ml Eau de Toilette Jewel Charm - Php 2,898
40ml Eau de Toilette Bottle Php - 3,950
65ml Eau de Toilette Bottle - Php 5,080 

The Bulgari Omnia Paraiba is available at the SM Beauty Store. Take a whiff of this gem when you drop by!


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