2x More Smoothness And Shine with Cream Silk

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My hair used to be straight black and healthy. I’ll have insecurities with my body or my skin, but never my hair. It was low maintenance, but still looks great whenever I go to school.

This changed though when I discovered several ways to style  it. I’ve tried different hair colors from red to brown to gray and ombre, I’ve sported digital permed locks, and a whole lot more. I also blow-dry or iron my hair now, before going out. My hair goes through  different chemicals and excess heat damage. No regrets, though, since experimenting with different looks was fun and another way to express myself!

Bleached, gray, pink ombre, and perm... I've tried them all!

One of my favorite hair color phase: red head!

Good thing Cream Silk, our favorite hair expert, has come up with a Daily Treatment Conditioner Dry Rescue. It sounds like something that I will never live without! With this new hair product, I don’t have to stop  trying different new looks and hair colors.

Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner Dry Rescue promises to transform even the driest of hair up to 2x smoother and shinier by combining conditioner and hair treatment in one bottle. It upgrades your hair routine with Vitaboost Complex, which deeply penetrates hair to rescue it from dryness, and transform even the driest of locks into beyond beautiful hair. The product is specially made for Filipinas, who have proven themselves to be more on-the-go and more experimental now! We deserve great haircare that is easily accessible, and from the No.1 conditioner brand. 

Doubling up on my hair beauty by going for exciting looks to match my lifestyle, it’s important to double up on hair care too. Cream Silk’s Daily Treatment Conditioner Dry Rescue can replace your normal conditioner, and see results in 4 weeks of continued use. 

I want YOU to try the product for yourself! Together with Clozette, I’m giving away a CREAM SILK GIFT PACK to one of my followers on Instagram!

  1. Post a selfie on Instagram showing your 2x smoother and shinier hair
  2. Tag me @anagon and @clozetteco
  3. Use the hashtags #creamsilk #creamsilkdryrescue and #clozette. 
  4. Please make sure to set your profile in public mode!

Contest will run till December 20, with winners picked by Clozette. Good luck!

@ClozetteCo will be the one to pick the winner for this contest. Will update this page once they've announced the winners. Thank you guys for joining! :)


  1. I always want to try different hair colors and styles but I'm afraid it will ruin my hair. It's good to know that creamsilk formulate a product to rescue dry hair. Thanks for sharing Ms. Ana. Btw I joined your creamsilk giveaway hope you could check my entry. :) -@itsmissc

  2. Joined.....done n follow u.... bernallein16
    Hoping n praying to win.....tnx much ❤❤❤


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