Trip Ni Belle by Belle Daza

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What do you do when you're either stuck in traffic, waiting for someone, or at the airport? 

I often just surf the internet, unconsciously absorbing other people's lives even when I don't need to! Anyway, with that I decided to download apps that will steer me away from Social Networking Sites from time to time. I love my Pinterest because of the inspiring DIYs, OOTDs, and vegetarian recipes. I also enjoy my Buqo app for my cheaper and portable monthly magazine subscriptions.

Now I discovered a new mobile game that will entertain me during those down times: Trip ni Belle by Belle Daza!

The launch was held in one of Belle's favorite places: An Adidas store. She is not only a model, it-girl, and host, but also an athlete! Belle joins triathlons like Ironman.

We went to Adidas BGC, where they carry a lot of sports and lifestyle apparel. Aside from bloggers, we were also with Trip Ni Belle high scorers, who were also treated to a shopping spree! I heard that they will reward the high scorers from time to time.

Trip Ni Belle is related to the things that she loves most—fashion and travel!

Carefully curate your travel must-haves just like she does, as you rift through an assortment of fashion items from shoes, clothes, and bags, being careful to avoid unnecessary items, and seamlessly show off your OOTD.

Trip Ni Belle is one of the apps made in collaboration with Xeleb, a subsidiary of Xurpas Inc., a company that pioneered celebrity mobile apps in the Philippines. It envisions leading, cultivating, and producing exhilarating games that will surely entertain Filipinos. Other apps with local celebs include Anne Galing, Adventures of Kuya Kim, and Market Master Erwan. I heard that they're also bringing a pop star in the celeb game lineup! Exciting!

Trip Ni Belle is available via Google Play. 

Playing is easy, but exciting! Just swipe the unnecessary things that doesn't belong in your travel bags (someone suggested to add bala along with the coconut and banana graphics, hehe). For my first try, I got 6,200 points! Yey!

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