Rexona: The New Pinoy Mover & MotionSense Technology

Friday, January 22, 2016

If for anything, the greatest lesson I learned in my 30 years of existence is to KEEP ON MOVING. It's hard when you're stuck, and even harder for your loved ones and people around you to see you in a constant state. 

But I think as a Pinoy, it is innate to us to tackle the multiple challenges we face head on. We're so used to weathering calamities, or daily traffic and commuting woes, that we've become resilient. The best part? We've become more optimistic and energetic in spite and despite.

Last January 19, my birthday eve, I learned about Rexona's new campaign. To inspire other Filipinos to #KeepOnMoving, Rexona Motionsense introduces 50 of the New Pinoy Movers who were selected to exemplify the Filipino hardworking spirit and creating and impact in their different industries.

Rexona has spent years studying people’s movement. And now, the No.1 Deodorant in the Philippines and in the world launches its breakthrough technology, Rexona MotionSense:

New Rexona Motionsense is the first and only antiperspirant with this patented technology that is activated by movement. It contains microcapsules filled with fragrance that burst with friction, so that with every move, you smell fresher throughout the day. The more you move, the more it works!

Event's hosts Marc Nelson and Apples Aberin:

These are the outstanding Filipinos who have moved the needle in their sphere of influence, but have also excelled in the multiple aspects of their lives. 

Teacher Georcelle candidly showed everyone her energy and passion in dancing!

These movers include inspiring personalities like award-winning director Erik Matti, musicians of Up Dharma Down, triathlete Nikko Huelgas, contemporary artist Leeroy New, digital guru Donald Lim, architect Royal Pineda, designers Lesley Mobo and Mich Dulce, inspiring women’s advocate Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, and international theatre star Rachel Ann Go, to name a few. 

Bianca Gonzalez-Intal:

My favorite Ms. C, Cecile Van Straten aka Chuvaness:

A dear friend in blogging, and actor AJ Dee:

Rachel Ann Go, who also performed Les Miserables' I Dreamed A Dream that night:

Individually, they have pushed the boundaries in their respective industries. And together, they pave the way for other Filipinos to make a name for themselves, and inspire them to #KeepOnMoving.

Personally, I keep on moving by valuing my self and my time more. I have my worries, fears, and insecurities, but I will never allow these things to paralyze me. I take a deep breath, appreciate what I have, and keep on moving by making a game plan that I can follow. I also enjoy continuous studying of things that I am passionate about, thus you'll find me constantly enrolling in random classes. I love to travel, and explore: both places and project options that I am interested in and might be good at. I am not necessarily the best, but I never shut down doors. I am not afraid to try and embarrass myself if only to find out if things are for me or not. If not, it's (maybe not easy) but we're always free to move on, move forward.

I guess that's what makes me a New Pinoy Mover. I'm a savage, I am fearless even with all the doubts. I still go for it! :)

What makes you a New Pinoy Mover? Share it on social media using #KeepOnMoving. 

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