Glow-In-The-Dark Nails with Solique Gel Top Coat by Girlstuff

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Whether you're a "raver" or just into colors (especially for summer!), Girlstuff's newest nail polish will catch your attention!

A revolutionary formula, UV-Glow Solique Gel Top Coat by Girlstuff is the easiest and most affordable way to amp up your basic nail polish. 

1) It glows in black light or UV Light
2) It increases the shine on any manicure
3) It gives long lasting protection on your polish, making it last longer
4) It dries quickly!
5) It also reacts to sunlight, changing colors outdoors! How cute is that! :D

Here are some photos during the launch of UV-Glow Solique Gel Top Coat by Girlstuff:

It was an afternoon event, so Revel's dim setting was the perfect venue! The place was glowing:

Christine, Ava, and Janeena lined up for the nail polish section:

Ava showing off her glowing nails c/o the  Solique Gel Top Coat:

The Science:

The UV-Glow Top Coat incorporates a photo-initiator that reacts under natural light with a polymer present in Solique Polishes resulting in the steadfast curing film (Gel manicure). UV-Glow also contains a fluorescent brightener which reacts under black light cause the polish to glow!


Like a true rave party, guests also received glow sticks and these cute Fly Shades sunnies:

Summer and party ready! Something to put-on for the next music festivals?

For Black Light or UV Fluorescence, apply one coat on clean bare nails or over any polish. Best used on Solique Gel Polish, of course!

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