Wednesday, March 16, 2016

From fashion to interior design, Minimalism has been all the rage for the past months. From simple cuts, to monochromatic, to clean lines, this aesthetic pleases the eyes of the majority.

Combining this with borderless creativity, architectural design, and fashion, you get Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger (MRKT), the newest baby brand from Primer Group (Jansport, Fitflop, Herschel, Roxy, etc). 

Find out more about these bags...

Whitespace Manila as the venue perfectly fits the brand:

What's in a name? Mad Rabbit is all about the vibrant design visions, while Kicking Tiger is more for the drive to turn these vibrant design visions into PRACTICAL creations. If you ask me, something that I'd love in fashion! 

More than following the trends, MRKT anchors on intelligent sense of urban design.

The whimsical fashion show to launch the brand:

Created in 2010 by Harvard-trained architect Tom Pen, MRKT anchors its design in three-way approach: architectural inspiration, distinctive patterns, and vibrant colors. The bags are eye-catching, and still clean and very sophisticated.

Shaun Nath, CEO, M.R.K.T

Presenting the MAD RABBIT KICKING TIGER designs:


Envelope clutch



Shoulder Bag: 

The distinct feature if MRKT products is that they use only premium eco-friendly, and sustainable materials that are extremely durable and functional without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

All MRKT products are primarily made of six signature materials: VEGN LEATHER, SMRT FELT, SUPR FELT, THRMO RESIN, MCRO SUEDE, and MCRO LEATHER. SUPR FELT in particular, was specifically created in the M.R.K.T. design lab. The tightly woven VEGN fibers of the SUPR FELT provide structure that allows it to hold its shape for a long time. The surface fibers were melted which makes it resistant to pilling. 

They are also water and stain resistant, requiring very little maintenance which is perfect for the busy urban professional looking for the right bag that fits his daily needs

Follow @mrktphilippines on Instagram and Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger on Facebook using the hashtag #GiveIntoTheMadness to know more about M.R.K.T. and their products. MRKT is available in Bratpack stores nationwide.

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